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AstroQuick, SARL (Inc. with a capital of 7.500 EUROS), and whose address is: 10 Parc Club du MillÚnaire - 1025 avenue Henri Becquerel - 34000 Montpellier - France, licensed at the trade register of Montpellier France (SIREN 502714603),

(called "ASTROQUICK")


The partner of the ASTROQUICK Affiliation Program after filling out the application form and submitting to the terms of the contract by clicking on "I accept" at the end of the contract,

(called "the affiliated member"),



1. Subject of the contract
The subject of the contract is to define the terms and conditions in which the affiliated member can be part of the Affiliation Program.

2. Definition of the terms
A "web page" is a part of a website and has a personal URL.

A "banner" is an icon provided by Astroquick as an HTML code with a hypertext link and a personal login.

a "Click" is the activation by the internet user of a hypertext link towards the website AstroQuick.Fr.

An "Email" is an electronic mail.

3. Definition of the Affiliation Program
The ASTROQUICK Affiliation Program allows anyone who owns their own website(s) to upload one or several (clickable) banners whose link leads to the website www.astro-quick.com through a hypertext link. This way the internet users visiting the affiliated member's website can access the website www.astro-quick.com by clicking on this banner.

Because they agreed on using the Astroquick banners on their website, the affiliated member will be paid after each click leading towards the sell of an Astroquick astrological study.

To apply, you have to fill out the online application form in the section "affiliation", then you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions by submitting the application form. The application will be submitted after the affiliated member agrees to the terms and conditions of the contract through the affiliated member electronic signature.

The applicant will receive a confirmation email with a positive or negative answer regarding the application. If it is positive, the affiliated member will also receive a login and password in the email, allowing the AstroQuick banner to be placed on the website.

ASTROQUICK owns the right to deny a registration or to delete an account (without justifying why) that would not match the integrity of the Affiliation Program or could prejudice the image of ASTROQUICK

Websites advertising violent, racist or pornographic texts or pictures will automatically be denied because they are unethical to the French and international laws.

The deletion of the banners or accounts by Astroquick will be notified to the affiliated member by email.

4. Remuneration
ASTROQUICK will pay the affiliated member € 4.00 for each time an astrological study will be sold to the internet user.

As for the calculation of the remuneration there will be a deadline of 7 days after an astrological study is sold on the website www.astro-quick.com.

No commission will be paid by ASTROQUICK to the affiliated member in case a study is sold after the expiration of the time limit (7 days).

If the buyer of an astrological study has ended up on the website www.astro-quick.com through several affiliated websites within the 7 day time limit before buying the astrological study, the commission will be paid by ASTROQUICK only to the first website visited within this time limit of 7 days, the other websites will not get any commission.

If an internet user who ended up on the website www.astro-quick.com through an affiliated website has deleted the cookie (just after they clicked a link or banner), the commission won't be given to the affiliated member.

Only orders that have been validated and cashed by ASTROQUICK will be taken into account. ASTROQUICK has the right to deny some orders in case of insolvency, of the inability to match the forms of payment provided by Astroquick or if the customer history with ASTROQUICK is negative. Cancelled orders will never be taken into account.

If an order is cancelled and it's already been paid for, ASTROQUICK will deduct this commission from the next bill.

5. Billing and payment
For each end of trimester (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31), regardless of when the affiliation started, and if the account of an affiliated member has reached 50 EUROS , ASTROQUICK will send the affiliated member the bill by email. In case an affiliated member can't reach 50 euros on a whole trimester, their balance will be postponed to the next trimester.

The affiliated member will have to print the bill in 2 copies then sign the 2 copies and mail one of them to this address:
10 Parc Club du MillÚnaire
1025 avenue Henri Becquerel
F 34000 Montpellier France

The affiliated member will have to keep the second copy.

If the affiliated member is a company or an association, the bill will have to provide an identification number to the Companies Commercial Register, the name of the city where the company is registered, a No.siren (French business registration numbers) for the salespeople or a registration to the city (for associations).

The bill will be paid by ASTROQUICK within 30 days according to the date the bill is received, through Bank or Paypal transfer.

6. Obligations of the affiliated member
The affiliated members will never change in any way possible the HTML source code of the banners ASTROQUICK had given to them and will have to upload them to their website.

ASTROQUICK will never be responsible if the affiliated member makes a technical mistake when it comes to uploading banners.

The affiliated members will have to tell ASTROQUICK if they decide to change what their website is about in case it would not match the policy ASTROQUICK has set when it comes to their banners.

The affiliated members guarantee the veracity of the information they communicate to ASTROQUICK and will make sure they tell ASTROQUICK if they change anything on their website.

7. Intellectual property
Uploading banners on their website only gives the affiliated members a simple right to advertise. Consequently the affiliated members don't own any copyrights over the website www.astro-quick.com, like the texts, softwares, codes, logos, designs or any other information found on the website.

8. Responsibility
The affiliated members hereby declare and guarantee ASTROQUICK that they will take care of their bills and administrative issues on their own (also regarding their taxes), it could one day be necessary in case something is wrong with a contract, in that case ASTROQUICK would never be help responsible for it.

The affiliated members declare and guarantee ASTROQUICK that they own (amongst the elements appearing on the website) the copyrights needed to advertise their website online so that ASTROQUICK would never be held responsible if something wrong was to happen.

9. Information and confidentiality
ASTROQUICK remains the only owner of any data regarding their website (customers identity and nature of the products that are purchased).

In compliance with the French law No.78-17 from January 6, 1978, the affiliated members will be able to access their personal information through ASTROQUICK and change or delete them if they want it. The affiliated members will also be able to deny the transfer of their personal data by ASTROQUICK.

10. Miscellaneous features
The ASTROQUICK affiliation software will be the only proof for the affiliated member when it comes to statistics about what was purchased and for how much..

The affiliated members acknowledge and accept that the ASTROQUICK statistics software is the only way for them to know how many times people clicked on the banners and how much money they will get for it.

Both parties agree that the website www.astro-quick.com and the affiliated member's one may temporarily act up due to causes ASTROQUICK have nothing to do with. The affiliated members agree on the fact that the banners on their websites with the link to the website www.astro-quick.com may be modified or temporarily unavailable in case of a technical problem or any other issue.

ASTROQUICK has the right to modify a part/the whole contract anytime. if modifications have any influence on the remuneration, the affiliated members will receive an email about it 15 days before it is applicable. If affiliated members believe the new terms aren't in compliance with their interests, they are free to break this affiliation. If not, it is assumed affiliated members accept the new terms and conditions of the agreement.

11. Duration - Termination
The affiliation is based upon an open-ended contract starting on the day the acceptance email was sent from ASTROQUICK to the affiliated member.

Each party can terminate this contract anytime without any justification, by telling the other party with a registered letter with a form for acknowledgment of receipt or by email, with a week notice. The termination will start when the first letter of termination is received. In case of termination of the contract, the affiliated members will have to remove the ASTROQUICK banners from their websites.

None of the parties will be able to ask for any compensation after the contract is terminated.

12. Applicable law - Competent jurisdiction
Any legal dispute arising from the interpretation of the contract after trying any amicable agreement will be dealt by the court having jurisdiction within the Tribunal de Commerce de Montpellier, France.

By clicking the link "I accept", I hereby declare I read the contract and I accept the terms and conditions of it, I also acknowledge that my electronic signature is a proof of my commitment.

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