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Barack Obama
friday, August 4, 1961 19h24 (sa. 08/05/1961 - 5h24 UT, D.UT = -10h00m)
Honolulu - Hawaii USA (lat.21N28 lon.157W51)

    The following analysis doesn't have the pretension of giving a full definition of your personality tendencies because a book wouldn't be enough to explain all of it.
It simply gives you an explanation of the main qualities and flaws of your personality.
This analysis is made by computer and takes into account several astronomical settings: each planet of your Birth Chart is analyzed according to its position in sign and house. We also add ascendants and major aspects (angle connections between planets) in this analysis.
Even though those texts have been written very carefully, this analysis has nothing to have with a real consultation or an analysis made by a professional astrologer.
The Birth Chart gives you an infinite number of possible combinations. As a result, it's absolutely impossible that a computer analysis, even complete, gives you a better astrological summary that is of course unique and specific. That's why only a very skilled and experienced astrologer will be able to interpret your Birth Chart and to guide you through a better knowledge of who you truly are. This astrologer will also be able to give you a piece of advice on how to control your destiny.
That's why it's best to analyse the following study carefully and to be able to read between the lines.
Seat down comfortably, read this study and let your spirit fly.

Enjoy your reading !
interactive chart
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
latitude 21N28, longitude 157W51
Barack Obama
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
Chart of Barack Obama
BIRTH CHART of Barack Obama sat., 08/04/1961 19h24
to display degrees and symbolism, fly over the chart with the mouse.
Leo Aquarius
Leo ascendant Aquarius
You are full of contradictions, you are looking for a bit of yourself in anyone around you. You constantly need interactions with others, that's why you will have to have a partner in business to fulfill yourself. Your relationships may be questioned. You are sincere and generous but you are now pretty independent and it does not match this need for interactions with others. Most of the time you start your life by integrating a group from which you will differentiate yourself through your skills or your independence. Yet you realize a partnership is a strong help when it comes to asserting yourself. You are idealistic, you get over those contradictions thanks to your global and cosmic conscience. You develop new ideas about relationships between human beings. Your opinion about the world is elevated. You feed your creativity with original thoughts. People will see you more in the role of a creator than the one of a director because you are into new ideas. You enjoy recreating your own new laws of a balanced world. Observing others is such a strong source of inspiration to you. But if you don't resolve this antagonism between you and others, you will go from submission to break ups and your strong ego will take over yourself again.

On the chart the Sun is represented by a circle with a spot in the middle. It is connected to your ambition, your energy and your personal creativity. It brings out your charisma around people as well as your authority and behaviour in society.
Sun Leo
Do you know your sign well ?
Leo is a Fire sign, just like Aries and Sagittarius. They are energetic and enthusiastic. In the natural progression of the signs in the zodiac, after the careful Cancer comes the proud Leo. Leos are royal and noble, they enjoy being noticed and admired, and usually give just as much love as they receive. The Sun is their planet and it gives them clarity and energy. You are energetic, warm and enterprising, honest, trustworthy and faithful. You don't like it when people try to rain on your parade. You are very sensitive to flattery but you can't stand hypocrits and cowards who you can become arrogant and aggressive with. However your sense of humor and your ambition will help you ignore them. You are naturally generous, true to yourself and faithful in love, you are aware of your role of leader even though sometimes you abuse a bit too much of your power. You can sometimes be proud, authoritarian and domineering, however you are a good leader. At work, you naturally look for positions with a lot of responsibilities. You are also pretty creative and you like kids, they are very important in your life. As for your health, your heart and back will be fragile, but if you ever get sick...you never waste your time in bed! What people like about you is your strength, your generosity and your presence.
Houses and aspects :
Your Sun - and every planet of your birth chart - is located in a zodiac sign but also somewhere in the chart that we call a house. Just like the sign, the house gives a certain definition of the birth Sun. The following interpretation is about the position of your Sun in Houses. The same will happen for each and every planet of your birth chart. As a matter of fact you will realize that each aspect is connected to a part of your personality. If you realize that some interpretations have nothing to do with you, it's probably because you got over them thanks to the education you received, your social background, or even your personal evolution.

Your Sun in house VI
You are a hard worker, generous and meticulous, you will find your perfect match in the medical field. However this position will keep you from climbing the social ladder. You believe your skills and qualities aren't appreciated the way they should be. You are fragile, you need to eat healthy food. You are sometimes shy and you tend to criticize a lot. However your strong common sense and your rational nature will take you on the road of research and analysis.

Sun Opposition Ascendant
The particularities of your ascendant are sometimes in opposition with the main traits of your personality. That's why you tend to be influenced or co-dependent. You need to assert yourself!

Sun Square Neptune
Sun Square Neptune
You are indecisive, naive, you live in a world of your own and are easily influenced. It took a while for you to understand who you truly were, that's why your entourage sometimes think it's hard to describe you. Even though you are open-minded you lack objectivity, that's why you may get into drugs, alcohol or even sects. This part of your personality probably comes from the fact that your father wasn't around when you were young. That's why your life is complicated and messy. You need to be more realistic and organized in order to get rid of your complex of inferiority.


On the chart the Moon is represented by a crescent, symbol of the fast phases in its cycle. It is connected to our emotions, our sensitivity and our mood (as a matter of fact most of the time our bad mood won't last too long). It's also connected to our imagination and dreams.
On a psychological plane, the Moon is connected to Mothers and in general to the relationships we have with women. We idealize them and our psyche makes sure it won't be questioned, especially when it comes to serious matters. That's why you may be shocked by some of the interpretations of the aspects received by your Moon. Just try to see if you clearly understand everything.
Moon Gemini
"Moon in Gemini".
You are curious, open-minded, adaptable but also unstable, indecisive and sometimes superficial. You tend to keep your emotions to yourself, that's why you tend to lose yourself sometimes. You were born to work in the communication field, like journalism or writing. That's your thing because you adapt to people and circumstances. However you are mentally unstable, that's why you are undecisive, you lack focus and ideas. You need to be more lucid and organized in your daily life. On a psychological plane, you see your mother as someone who is outspoken, open-minded but exuberant.

Your Moon in house IV
You can be a kid at heart and you might also be fragile (especially when you were young), your imagination and your mother are strongly present in your life. You need protection and safety, you love the comfort of your house, that's why you are a homebody. You are into history because you respect traditions a lot, just as much as genealogy and country heritage. You have a sense of family traditions and you would like to have a big family too. You enjoy a simple and quiet life with your family, you love being in your house because it's so cosy.

Moon Opposition Midheaven
It's hard for you to open up yourself to other relationships outside your house because you have such a strong relationship with your family! However you can be proud you have had this ability to build your own family and to be very fulfilled with it!

Moon Sextile Mercury
Moon Sextile Mercury
You know how to connect your sensitivity to your intellect. You are very receptive to your emotions and visions. You have a good visual memory, especially with words and figures. You are adaptable and open-minded and you will have skills when it comes to foreign languages. You are stable and level-headed and your mood is consistent.

Moon Trine Jupiter
Moon Trine Jupiter
You are optimistic, enthusiastic and loyal. That's why people appreciate you a lot, you will have a lot of friends. Opportunities and luck will come from your family (especially your mother). People appreciate the comfort of your house.

Moon Square Pluto
Moon Square Pluto
Sometimes your sensitivity does not match your instinct. And since you are naturally anxious and worried, you may become obsessed for no reason. Your mother may have had some problems when you were a child. That's why growing up, you did everything you could to not reproduce what happened to her in the past. But since you have shared her worries, you also tend to share your emotions, your worries and people's problems. That's why sometimes you are psychologically fragile, especially when it comes to your genitalia. You need to express your feelings through therapy or through arts (theater, music or dancing).


The planet Mercury is represented on your chart by a crescent above a circle and a cross. It is connected to your intellect and your abilities to communicate. It is also connected to your nervous system and your ability to think. Basically...it's all about the mental state.
Mercury Leo
Natal Mercury in Leo
You are very much organized and open-minded. You will be a decider, with much grandiloquence. You are ambitious and straightforward, that's why people may want to stay away from you. You are focused on your children, their education and how to entertain them. Indeed you enjoy winning when you play because then you can show off. However you tend to judge a lot but people appreciate your loyalty and your integrity because you usually keep your promises.

Your Mercury house VI
You will easily adjust at work and will dedicate yourself to your job. Your intelligence is practical but not really creative. You tend to keep everything inside and you are very nervous, that's why you may have issues with your health. You may have to travel a lot through your job.

Mercury Trine Midheaven
Your sense of communication and business perfectly matche your social goals. That's why it isn't too hard for you to make good money. Whether it is with your partner or with your friends, you know how to be understood.

Mercury Semi-Sextile Venus
Mercury Semi-Sextile Venus
You are nice, sociable and you enjoy music, that's why people usually trust you, especially young people, and you get along well with your neighbors. You will travel a lot for work and will get to meet nice people.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter
Mercury Opposition Jupiter
Things aren't always clear in your mind, you tend to memorize each and every thought, that's why it's hard for you to focus on your business or just your activities, especially when you were younger. You have a hard time committing and keeping your promises. But if you become more lucid, you should try to trust people and to be more generous and open-minded...you might be surprised with the results...

Mercury Opposition Saturn
Mercury Opposition Saturn
Your spirit is critical and analytic but you tend to judge people. You are also pessimistic, severe and melancholy and you usually mess up your own plans, it might bring trouble into your life as well as delays or arguments, especially when it comes to your mail or your travels. You need to make sure you loosen up a bit and that you remain receptive to others.

Mercury Square Neptune
Mercury Square Neptune
Your spirit is full of confusing ideas and you keep daydreaming. You are unlogical and you project your own illusions, that's why you may become mythomaniac. You may be sucked into your own ideological or religious beliefs because you can't see the difference between what's honest and what's not. You are pretty much into everything you can drink or smoke, that's why it might be prejudicial to your physical and psychological health. You need to be more lucid and to keep your hands busy (writing, photography, producing, etc.).


The planet Venus is represented on the chart by a circle above a cross. Venus is connected to the way you love and how you handle your relationships. It's also connected to your tastes, your personal values and how you handle your money.
Venus Cancer
Your natal Venus in Cancer
You have a very strong imagination, you are affectionate and you love your family, that's why you could be the "perfect" partner. Indeed you are sociable, caring, very receptive and your charm is so powerful that people feel close to you after just one encounter. You know more than anyone how important kissing is just as much as make up sex. However your feelings change all the time and you tend to become friends with everyone. It's sometimes confusing. Your soul is capricious and moody, you are looking for something you may never have, that's why you may be co-dependent to your family. It's hard for you to cut the umbilical cord and even if you do...you will always find a way to go back to your family. What people like about you is your sweetness, your generosity, your hospitality, your natural grace and your romantic soul. If you manage to give your children as much tenderness as you ask for yourself from your partner, then you will be the happiest person in the world! On both spiritual and karmic planes, the main lesson to learn is the control of your emotions. You may find stability if you accept to open your heart to new adventures and new people.

Your Venus in house V
You want to find true love. You want people to love you for who you truly are but you also want your partner to keep focusing on you. You have this feeling that you are someone in your relationship, that you can seduce, shine, please, but you might be a bit too excessive in your quest for luxury. You like kids and they like you too, you enjoy each other's company a lot. Sometimes narcissistic, you are still an artist though because the show must go on. You need to show your skills and qualities.

Venus Trine Neptune
Venus Trine Neptune
Your feelings usually match your dreams. You are spiritual and sensitive, you are predisposed to platonic unions or mystical friendships. You may find the perfect partner or be artistically, poetically or musically inspired thanks to your romanticism and emotional personality.

Venus Sextile Pluto
Venus Sextile Pluto
You usually combine feelings and instinct. You are strongly attracted to the other gender and you aren't scared to be involved in intense passionate relationships. You can be very animal, greedy, sometimes close to casual eroticism. As a matter of fact it's totally natural to you... You may also use this strength by channeling it through creativity.


The planet Mars is represented on the chart by an arrow coming out of a circle. It's the symbol of masculine energy, virility and action. Mars is connected to your power of action, your personal initiatives and your energy. It's also connected to your fighting spirit (or aggressiveness sometimes) and to your ability to overcome any obstacles.
Mars Virgo
Your Natal Mars in Virgo
Your personality is full of efficiency, dexterity, ingenuosity and neatness. In your activities you are very professional because you take care of each and every detail. You are precise, serious and meticulous, that's why sometimes you come out as fussy. You know how to organize yourself in order to build strong and efficient things. Even though you tend to get nervous about the slight detail, you aren't really aggressive. However make sure you don't argue for nothing with your co-workers. On a sexual plane, desires depend on circumstances. You will stop being aroused if the phone rings or the bed creaks. However if you know you have plenty of time then you become the king of sex.

Your natal Mars in house VII
You will always ask your partners for validation when it comes to decision making and you always need their opinion to take actions. You may defend people (legal career) but you may also have to defend yourself from them. You always look for people's validation and physical contact but you may experience rivalries, trials and social struggles if you don't balance your passionate nature. Besides you may have gotten involved too early in a relationship and you are now dealing with breaking up or getting a divorce. In fact you need to share your initiatives and give people some power as well.
Mars Trine Saturn
Mars Trine Saturn
Your personality is full of determination, energy, strength and self-control. In your activities, people appreciate your strong personality. Thanks to your ambition you can overcome anything, and the fact that you never give up will help you plan in the long term and work even harder. You are careful and patient and your composure, your sense of responsibilities and strategy are extraordinary. You enjoy trekking and skiing.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It looks like a big four and two intertwined. It represents your potential of growth and luck. It is connected to your enthusiasm, your ability to express joy and to see things in a positive way. However with Jupiter you may become excessive in many aspects of your life.
Jupiter Aquarius
Your natal Jupiter in Aquarius
You are rather liberal, you have a sense of brotherhood and humanity. People can't say you are selfish because you always think about people around you in everything you do. You have a team spirit, that's why you are usually chosen as the spokesperson or coach. However you are an anarchist and your projects are too utopian, that's why not everyone is going to stick to it. You will be happy when you help people and party a lot.

Jupiter R
Jupiter retrograde
This is not a pejorative word; it simply means that this planet looked like it was stepping back in the zodiac when you were born. It's hard for you to express your natural enthusiasm and to materialize your personal growth. You feel like you will never be happy and that only others are allowed to laugh (which does not mean you don't like to have fun but with you it's always inside, you don't show it). You are rarely lucky or it seems to tease you by showing how lucky others are but you. If you have opportunities for your personal growth, it's already a big step forward if you make new contacts. You have to understand that everytime you push too far...you may be in trouble, as much psychologically as physiologically. No matter what aspects Jupiter receives, joy must be expressed on a spiritual plane, not material, such is the true meaning of Jupiter retrograde. On a karmic plane, you have used (during your recent lives) your wealth and power a lot. Or their consequences have done you harm. This incarnation should guide you to humbleness at some point, but also deprivation and validation. By working on those jupitarian energies, you will be able to express your natural enthusiasm and you will get to materialize your personal growth.

Your Jupiter in house XII
Your soul will benefit from the position of Jupiter here. You enjoy helping people, especially the weakest and poorest and people usually enjoy talking to you because you are very receptive. Your enthusiasm comes from your faith and your joy is usually spiritual. You may have financial and material issues because you are not able to win and to fight for it. However under this position you may be protected through trials and tribulations of life. It's part of a long work on yourself. Indeed you will get protections from above and you will be happily retired.

Jupiter Sextile Midheaven
Your sense of generosity is perfectly matching your social goals. That's why people sometimes help and support you and you may have many upcoming opportunities.

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn
Thanks to so much luck you will get to climb the social ladder. You are focused, fair and honest, you respect the laws and you also are good when it comes to financial investments. As a matter of fact you are often rewarded for your effort, as much socially as financially. In general you are helped by the administration and also by elders.

Jupiter Biquintile Pluto
Jupiter Biquintile Pluto
You will get to channel your instinct more easily thanks to the enthusiasm in you. That's why you need to develop your natural authority because it will give you a strong charisma that will help you overcome any obstacle.


Saturn is different from all the other planets because it has rings. This planet is represented on the chart by a cross whose lower part looks like a big comma. It is connected to restrictions, blockages and limits, but also to a certain access to knowledge and a social elevation. Finally it is connected to your inner wisdom and your need for personal effort.
Saturn Capricorn
Your Saturn in Capricorn
If you want to climb the social ladder, you will need rigour, perseverance, honesty and integrity. You may get a job with many responsibilities if you work hard. However sometimes you are sad, pessimistic and discouraged. You need to turn this loneliness into something positive that will teach you detachment and patience.

Saturn R
Saturn is retrograde
This is not a pejorative word; it simply means that this planet looked like it was stepping back in the zodiac when you were born. It seems like your personality is controling your actions and thoughts. If in your childhood you felt like you were struggling with yourself, it is in your adulthood that you will understand what's it's made for. It will satisfy this need of discipline coming from the position of Saturn. It's hard for you to have a place in the sun. Administration and institutions are for you very cold and austere and the relationship you have with them is very complicated. Back in your childhood you were scared of rules, laws and taboos. That's why you are against what society teaches us to be. But one day or another you will have to understand that without laws and rules, beings are left to their own devices, which is selfishness and dark instinct. Then you will realize the laws of the Universe are the ones you were looking for unconsciously and you will respect them with no issues. That's when you will acquire some discipline and new values, one of the most positive functions of saturn retrograde. On a karmic plane, such Saturn shows a lot of responsibilities that you could not handle in your most recent lives. According to the aspects it receives and to its position in signs and houses, it will be about your family, your children, yourself or the society in general. You have now to understand that the law of the strongest is not always the best and that the saying "spare the rod and spoil the child" is only available when the love we give is stronger than penalties we give. By working on those saturnian energies, you will work on climbing the social ladder differently, you will become wise in oder to have a place under the sun.

Your Saturn in house XII
You have a sense of sacrifice deep inside of you but with this position of Saturn you are destined to paranoia and self-punishment. You feel like your soul is a prisoner of your lonely body. Sometimes you feel like being alone in a silent atmosphere, that's how you can be in touch with your inner self. You need to get a certain knowledge when it comes to occult sciences and astrology.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven
Your sense of responsibilities is perfectly matching your social goals. That's why you will get administrative and legal help and support.

Saturn Quincunx Uranus
Saturn Quincunx Uranus
You will be open to new things and originality even though you have a strong sense of responsibilities and a deep respect for traditions. You will be able to plan ahead because you can focus and be practical. You may have a job in which you can show your authority because your spirit is rational and reforming. Your friendships are real and your social contacts stable.

Because they are so slow, the planets that gravitate around Saturn are immediately connected to your "people" which means that they deal with your family and friends. That's why the following interpretations of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren't especially all about you but more about your generation.

Uranus turns around the whole Zodiac in 84 years and describes what makes you so different from others, your originality and particularities. It is represented on the chart by an upside down Venus surrounded by two arcs of a circle. It is connected to your intuitions and your futuristic ideas.
Uranus Leo
Your Uranus is in Leo
Your intelligence is creative and your personality very original. You don't like traditions and routine, that's why you try to express your creativity in a very independent way. You know how to show your difference and your particular skills. However you are still a society unconventional figure. Yet you have many skills to show and you will only do it if you make sure you remain focused.

Your Uranus in house VII
You are unstable with other people (spouse or co-workers). When you were young you were involved in many relationships then you decided to settle down by getting married. At work you will have many different associates and they will only stay with you if they share your originality and independence.

Uranus Opposition Ascendant
You tend to choose original, eccentric or unstable partners. That's why your personal life is a bit of a chaos. However you are never bored!

Uranus Square Midheaven
Your non conformism and your natural energy don't really match your social goals. That's why you may get disappointed. You need to be more upright and make sure you don't lose yourself...


Neptune is a small planet. It is very far from the Sun (turns around it in about 165 years). It is represented on your chart by a trident. It is connected to your expectations, your personal faith, your vision of the universe but also to your dreams and illusions.
Neptune Scorpio
Your Neptune is in Scorpio
In your generation sex, money and occult sciences are very important. You have grown up around it. Around such an insane society, unemployment at its highest pick, people trying to survive. You dream of a better future in which you can fully express your desires and dreams with no issues as far as money. The nineties are like a wake up call for you: you need to build this perfect world actively on your own. You may help others thanks to your sense of financial reality, your instinct and your perspicacity only if you don't expect anything at all in return. The same aspect will give you skills in research, psychoanalysis, magnetism, only if you know how and when to use it.

Your Neptune in house IX
You tend to idealize the unknown and exoticism, you want to travel far and on the sea. Under such a position of Neptune you will be into mysticism and sometimes fanaticism. However you may become a very spiritual person (monk, disciple, guide) thanks to your strong faith.

Neptune Sextile Pluto
Neptune Sextile Pluto
You are part of those men and women (no matter what their signs are) who have in their chart the sextile Neptune-Pluto of the twentieth century, which means there is a combination of subconscious and instinct with faith. Thanks to this aspect we have been able to avoid a third World War since 1945. The rebirth of the divine aspect in us is very positive. Our generations helped a lot and you are part of it.


Represented on your chart by an upside down Venus topped by some sort of cup, Pluto is the last planet of the Solar System and turns around the Sun in 248 years. It is connected to your subconscious and your primitive instinct but also to your potential of change and your charisma. Finally it is connected to your instinct, your fears, your phobias and your fantasies.
Pluto Virgo
Your Pluto is in Virgo
Your generation has been through subconscious mental troubles (people discouraged by the level of studies and fear of commitment in their professional life). You are just as involved in the unemployment issue as anyone else is, however you will be able to survive and find new concepts at work. But the good thing about this generation is that it will play a big part in the change of the structures of the social system. You are anxious about your place in the society of nowadays because you are trying to find ways to improve your daily life.

Your Pluto in house VII
You are unconsciously attracted to mysterious, ambiguous or insane people (and they may be attracted to you too). That's why it's hard for you to be in a relationship. Sometimes you unconsciously get yourself into some sort of emotional drama and dysfunctional relationships. Therefore if you want to keep your partners besides you, you need to stop pushing their buttons and complaining about them.


In order to consider the "karmic aspects" of your birth chart, it's best to believe in the notion of reincarnation with the concept of successive lives. But if you are sceptical, you have to understand the reading of what's going to follow up will be on different levels. Nothing keeps you from considering that memories of your past lives are included in family genes. If you believe in karma (the connection between actions from your past lives and your current life), you will find in this study some elements that will give you some answers as for your personal growth. You may understand some things about the reason of your incarnation, the energies you have to work on in order to evolve and the main "flaws" of your karma.

NNB: the following documents are to be put back in the context of the whole birth chart.

Lunar North Node
Lunar North Node Leo
Global meaning of the North Node in Leo
What you have kept from your past lives is a lack of discipline and utopy. You had a lot of projects but never acted or you were trying to fulfil your dreams through other people. You never really committed yourself and that may be why you had to postpone the fulfilment of your goals. In a recent past life, you learnt how to share and to be free. However even though you have a big family, you probably forgot to assert yourself and to fulfil your dreams. That's why when you were young you felt like it was unfair for you to be lonely and to not have someone to rely on when you needed it the most. That's why around the age of 18 you were trying to make new friends and share experiences with original people. Then you realized you were losing your identity and that you needed to show your creativity and personality in general. Anyway even though you are receptive to people's opinions, you learnt to listen to yourself. Believing in yourself is the best way to succeed while you keep your identity and authenticity.
You need to focus on yourself in order to fulfil your dreams. Either by showing your talents and skills or by committing yourself to the people around you. You need to confront yourself to your own power of creation and to accept to be authoritarian when you need to. And don't forget that you are better off alone. However don't be too close-minded in your relationship with others. It's not because people have different opinions that you can't be sure about yours. Quite the opposite, they will help others find a solution to their problems. You have probably discovered some unexpected skills in you from your past lives and that makes you who you are now. There is so much in you that you will soon be able to use in order to own your own company (with some work and creativity though!) You need to have goals and to learn to work alone in order to get in touch with your creativity. Make sure you have no business with pretentious people but don't be afraid to help them by showing your strength and knowledge. Around the age of 37 and you may have already done it, you will finally realize you can fulfil your dreams. However what is given to you will also have to be shared with others. Don't use your success as an ego enhancement (your ego is already pretty high) because your karma would become hard for you to bear.

The position in house of the upcoming North Node gives details about the evolution of what's just been said and the way you can deal with this evolution.
With the North Node in House VII you will fulfil your dreams thanks to someone or with someone. You will have to work on sharing more in your relationship. You will also have to let go of your ego and independence. That's why you have to find a balance between the expression of your personality and the acceptance of people's desires. You need to learn how to put things into perspective as far as your personal action and to be funny. You will often realize that freedom ends where someone else's begins.

Saturn Sextile Pluto
Venus sextile North Node
Thanks to this harmonic aspect, you will get to channel and express your feelings because they are part of your karmic evolution. You will also get to develop your artistic abilities in a field connected to your natal Venus.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto
Uranus conjunction North Node
Because of your incarnation plan you will need to use your originality and independence. If in the first part of your life it was hard for you to be accepted because of your laxness, maturity will help you surprise your family thanks to your creativity.

Black Moon

The Black Moon usually represents a karmic "debt". This word "debt" should not be understood as something we owe but more as a bank debit. In each and every incarnations (that people in India call Akasha), we have a personal debit, credit and balance account according to the nature of our actions and thoughts from our past lives. Even though the Black Moon is mostly part of the debit account, we can also transcend it and use it for our subconscious abilities., That's why even though some sentences shock you, they will be okay in your psyche. If you think they don't apply to you, it's probably because you have transcended those tendencies thanks to your personal work.
Black Moon Leo
Your Black Moon is in Leo
General meaning: too much power and ego. You always question who you are. A lot of self-criticism but fear of failure. Superiority complex that shows a fear of not being loved. With dissonant aspects, the karmic past may reveal a few past lives as a very selfish man. You were heartless and were using and abusing your authority and power. You go from self-esteem to self-depreciation. You are ambiguous and it shows when you are trying to impose your superiority. Either you avoid anything that's connected to beauty or you try to do way too much with the way you look. In both cases it might show a superiority complex. That's why you may become megalomaniac because it's important for you to be loved. An artistic career would help you fulfil your deepest dream: to show your singularity. Your creations would be controversial but original, especially in a play, clothes or jewelry. If you control well the issues that the Black Moon brings, you may fix your ego problems thanks to arts (plays, movies) or education. Possible consequences of the Black Moon over your sexual life: To you a bed is like a stage! You enjoy showing your sex-appeal in order to see your partner begging for more. You are very selective because you want your partners to increase your standing. You have the soul of a tiger.
The position in house of the Black Moon that follows up will help you realize what had a great impact on your subconscious in your life:

Your Black Moon is in house VII
You unconsciously refuse the values of marriage or associations. You are fascinated by your partners but they always seem to be inaccessible. You feel like you aren't safe enough with them and you are looking for some comfort all the time. You expect a lot from your partners and you are sometimes ashamed of it, that's why they often question your relationships. That's why your destiny is hard to face because you are meant to be with people who you have a strong karmic connection with. You need to keep sharing and accepting differences.

Your Sun conjunction Black Moon
To most people you are an enigma. Either you try to transcend yourself or you can't stand your picture in the mirror. The relationship with a father or the one of a husband with a wife is strong but you struggle to singularize yourself from it and maybe get him to be proud of you one day. There's a strong Oedipean complex. But in any case you need to understand this relationship you have with your father in order to grow by getting rid of this obsessing picture you have of him. But the good thing about it is that you have a strong magnetism through your look, but don't abuse it...

Uranus conjunction Black Moon
This aspect will be problematic as far as the relationship you have with your family. you will be criticized and attacked because you are non conformist and original. You might be rebellious according to the rest of the birth chart. You don't like to be social but you like to express your opinion and break taboos and rules.

Black Moon conjunction North Node
The Black Moon shows here a part of the birth chart where you can transcend yourself while staying lucid and connected to the general meaning and symbolic of the sign the North Node is. Of course you have to take everything into account in the chart.

Part of fortune

The part of Fortune is the result of the convergence of three main aspects of your chart: your Sun (your sign), your Ascendant and your Moon. That's why it gives you an idea about your attitude but also about your abilities to fulfil yourself. And if there's fortune in your life, it will be about your happiness and self-satisfaction. Of course if you don't do anything to improve your destiny, fortune won't give you all its power. But if you take care of yourself and your destiny, then you will be fortunate.
Part of fortune Sagittarius
In Sagittarius, the part of Fortune can open up your mind to new horizons, new values, sometimes new religions. It focuses on faith and desire to build new things by facing difficulties. Amongst personalities who have Fortune in this sign, there are writers Emile Zola, Edgar Poe, Baudelaire and Jack London but also - Michel Ange et Cézanne for the painters, Hahnemann and Freud for the new values.

The following position of the Part of Fortune in house will help you summarize what had just been said in the analysis of its position in sign:

In house X, you will fulfil yourself through a social function. Actually you feel pretty satisfied when you are recognized and when you show your skills. If you have a strong ambition, true joy will come and you will turn it into wisdom. With that position of the Part of Fortune, there are personalities who have succeeded with a lot of perseverance such as Victor Hugo, H. De Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Verne et Maria Callas. Also Machiavel or Jacques Lacan.
Birth chart of Barack Obama (Aries reference)
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
latitude 21N28, longitude 157W51
Barack Obama
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
Chart of Barack Obama
BIRTH CHART of Barack Obama sat., 08/04/1961 19h24
to display degrees and symbolism, fly over the chart with the mouse.

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