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Frequently asked questions

What's affiliation ?
An affiliation is a partnership that you offer people visiting your web page and ordering astrological studies. This partnership is for free. You will make money based on what people buy on your website.

How do I make money?
You will make 4 euros for each order of astrological study sold after visiting your web page and click on one of the Astroquick banners or links.

How would you know if what people order comes from my website ?
By clicking on an Astroquick banner on your website, the user's internet browser write a "cookie" with your affiliate ID. This cookie remains available 7 days. You will be paid based upon what internet users bought on the Astroquick website within 7 days (starting at the moment a buyer clicks our banner or link).

When and how will I get my commissions ?
AstroQuick takes care of everything: each trimester, if you get at least 50 EUROS TTC, in commissions, we will send you a summary of what your customers bought on our website. This will allow you to receive from us a bill that we will pay within 30 days after your signed it.

Besides the banners, will I also get commissions through free softwares ?
Yes, as long as you keep using the HTML codes that you copied from your Affiliation account. Be careful if you use standard codes (without the "AFFL=" into the url), your affiliation login can't be tracked and your commissions won't be counted either.

Do I get charged to register for the Affiliation program ?
No. Registration for the affiliation program is fully free.

Can a private individual register for the affiliation program?
Yes. But you may check with your local tax office to know how to declare your commissions. For more information (formalities, tax allowance...), you can call the tax office and they will help you.

I don't have a website yet. Can I still register ?
No. You have to have a website to be able to apply for the affiliation program. We will check it out online before validating your registration
If you don't hear from us 3 weeks after we checked your website, that means it was not selected for the program. You can reapply when your website is updated.

How to apply?
It only takes 5 minutes :
Etape 1 : Make sure you know about the affiliation contract
Etape 2 : Submit your application online
Etape 3 : AstroQuick will confirm your registration and you will receive a confirmation email with your login and password.

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