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The complete astrological analysis of your personality and character

Your birth chart interpretation with karmic astrology, karmic Horoscope
Karmic Birth Chart report
Patrick GIANI, the author of "Astrologie karmique : principes de base et pratique" (Ed. De Vecchi) helps you get a better knowledge of your Natal Chart with an additional interpretation of your karmic indexes (lunar nodes, dark moon, retrograde planets and part of fortune).
It's a complete analysis of all the astrological elements in about thirty pages (sign, ascendant, planets, houses, aspects and astronomical indexes).
Your private life, your professional skills, your strengths and flaws are analyzed in a very clear language.
This powerful research helps you get better in touch with yourself in order to strive for the best.
AstroQuick Karmic report
The texts of this astrological analysis were written by the astrologer .
The English translation was made by Loic Janin.
All the astrological data and charts are calculated with high precision by 's AstroQuick software.
Online, you can select the calculation of Placidus houses and Equal houses (more psychological interpretation).
This astrological study of about 20 to 25 pages includes all color charts and details.
Such an original idea for a birthday gift, immediately available online.
Nota Bene : This karmic analysis does not claim to inquire about details of past lives !
starting from only 20.99 €, including charts and interactive report !
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(includes the reports: Natal + Karmic + Forecast transits)
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