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AstroQuick 7 astrological interpretations
For any astrologer out there, reports and interpretations will give a precious astrological help, for example as a memo for transits dates. In 1993, Astroquick softwares were the first to provide editable interpretations in any size. Always ahead of their time, AstroQuick 7 softwares are the only ones to provide editable interpretations as far as word processing on Mac Linux or PC, especially interactive interpretations reports with sky chart and links that you can customize with your name, addresses and website. With the HTML format, you are just a few clicks away from emailing full and universally compatible interpretations.
Astrological interpretation report reading astrology chart Astrology interpretation report astroquick
Astrological interpretations for any use
All the versions are provided with the editorial interpretation of the AstroBasic chart. The PERSO and latest versions provide basic astrological material, like the lists of positions (birth chart, charts comparisons, returns, directions and transits) and the lists of AstroCloud symbols (key words cloud, editing material).
astrology report chart interpretation window AstroQuick
astrology planetary positions sign houses listing window AstroQuick astrology symbolisms planetary positions chart interpretation AstroQuick
Interpretations modules of the PLUS CLASSIC DELUXE and PRO versions are very neat, after a hard work of several years made by the astrologer Patrick Giani, author of numerous successful astrological books (cf list below).
Thanks to its modern and innovative conception, the AstroQuick 7 search engine will automatically select the corresponding paragraphs to planetary elements displayed on the sky chart. In a few clicks you can get partial interpretations, for example, without the ascendants nor the houses, or even without the trans-saturnine.

To look at an example of interpretation, click on the name of the module in the charts below.
Interpretations modules available in each version of the software.
ECO AstroBasic HTML
PLUS AstroTransits
AstroBasic HTML
CLASSIC AstroNatal
AstroBasic HTML
DELUXE AstroKarmic
AstroBasic HTML
PRO AstroNatal HTML
AstroCouple HTML
AstroTransit HTML
AstroBasic HTML
Astrological reports ready to be read or sent
With AstroQuick 7 you are provided full reports in only one file with all the graphic information, sky charts, interpretations, shaping and interactivity. Thanks to the HTML universal format, you can email documents very easily; they will stay 100% compatible with all the internet softwares of your correspondents.
astrology report chart interpretation window AstroQuick astrology report chart interpretation window AstroQuick
AstroBasic Editorial Interpretation of the positions in signs and houses of the planets from the Sun to Saturn (about 5 pages per study). ALL
AstroBasic HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. ALL
AstroNatal Full editorial interpretation of the birth chart depending on the positions of the planets in signs and houses, of the 144 combinations Sun/Ascendant and the main interplanetary aspects (about 32.000 characters which is about 30 pages per study). CLASSIC
AstroNatal HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. PRO
AstroCouple Editorial interpretation of the couple synastry depending on positions of personal planets in signs and houses, positions in compared houses and planetary interaspects. (about 30.000 characters which is 25 pages per study). PRO
option for version DELUXE
AstroCouple HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. PRO
AstroRS Editorial interpretation of the Solar Return depending on planetary positions in signs, houses and aspects and the analysis of the superimpositions and interaspects of the planets and houses with the birth chart. (about 36.000 characters which is 33 pages per study). PRO
option for version DELUXE
AstroRS HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. PRO
AstroTransit Editorial interpretation of the transits periods depending on the analysis of the aspects of planets from Venus to Pluto on the planets and angles of the chart (about 30.000 characters which is 33 pages for a 12 months study). PLUS
AstroTransit HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. PRO
AstroKarmic AstroNatal module completed with the karmic interpretations of the lunar nodes, the black Moon and the part of fortune in signs and houses and retrograde planets (about 45.000 characters which is 35 pages per study). DELUXE
option for version PRO
AstroKarmic HTML Same as above with layout, illustrations and interactivity HTML. 100% internet compatible. option for version PRO
AstroCloud Technical interpretation of the planetary positions with key words (key words clouds). versions PERSO and latest versions.
Perfect for a commercial use with no royalties!
Avec la User license of the version PRO you can market the astrological studies that you printed or emailed (other user licenses will allow you to use it at home too).
To check on the user license of the software AstroQuick 7, with its personal or profesional utilisations, click here.
PDF document electronique interprétation astrologique professionnelle

To order a personalized astrological study with your birth date, click here.

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