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AstroQuick 7.8
astrology software for MAC OS X WINDOWS iOS ANDROID LINUX...
the first astrology software
tablets and PC MAC...
100% compatible with all computers, mobile phones and tablets iPad !
astro Mac PC Linux
The latest generation of Astrology software Web 2.0 100% compatible with any computer using an internet browser
Astroquick software was created by a group of experimented professionals and is definitely one of the easiest and most intuitive astrological software to use. Fast and accurate calculations, multiple settings, interpretations writing, neat printing... The AstroQuick™ applications are complete and effective
Thanks to their exceptional ergonomics and usability, you can fully practice astrology, without wasting time with computer science.
astrologie temps saturne
Thanks to AstroQuick software quality you have all your time to practice Astrology.
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