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Horoscopes and ephemeris for websites
You will find below our standard modules where graphics and links can be fully customized. Texts ara available in English and French. The output formats can be made to measure (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, XML).

The availability of hosted services is greater than 99.99%. They are fully maintained by us and after installation they require no action on your part.
Rates license below are given for a maximum volume of 20,000 pageviews monthly and 20,000 requests per day for hosted scripts (databases and images hits). They are applicable for each domain name (excluding extensions .com / .com / .net etc.) and are not sub-licensable. For each module, fees for technical adjustment and startup costs are expected, they will be confirmed with your quotation (excluding tax from 50 to 800 €, decreasing according to number of modules).
Examples of customizable applications
Daily Horoscope Text stream (excl tax from 79 €/month)
ARIES	You can't neglect your health because it's too precious. Take a few days to unwind, you need some stillness.
TAURUS	Show your power of creation, people will like that. All the more so since your friends will help you doing that!
GEMINI	Thanks to the full moon, you will feel like partying. You should organize it at home since you enjoy spending time there!
CANCER	Think about communicating more and making new contacts. And if you need a change, you should travel for the week end or even for a longer trip!
LEO	You are trying to find out how you can improve the way you live. Luckily...you may get some more money soon.
VIRGO	Thanks to your strong magnetism, you know how to show yourself off to advantage. But don't forget to consider you partner's opinion and ideas of your co-workers.
LIBRA	Today you tend to stay in the background, and the Full Moon won't even get you going. Get a grip! Tomorrow, oblige yourself to get out of the house.
SCORPIO	Your friends are asking from you today, but you'd rather give some time to your kids or to your romantic life if you are single.
SAGITTARIUS	Social fulfillment is your main concern. But your family is asking you to be more present. A family reunion (or a Full Moon party!) is needed.
CAPRICORN	Studies are your priority and you are working on what's important to you. However lately you have wanted to travel more than anything.
AQUARIUS	The full Moon is working on you and you are excited as far as money and sex are concerned. You should go out tonight in order to unwind.
PISCES	By opening yourself to others, you realize you know how to share and be receptive to others. And that allows you to understand how other people are with you.

Daily horoscope 240x300 (excl tax from 99 €/month)
Daily Horoscope 400x150 (excl tax from 99 €/month)
Weekly Horoscope Multiple Page (excl tax from 169 €/month)
Monthly Horoscope Multiple Page (excl tax from 169 €/month)
Planetary ephemeris (excl tax from 9 €/month)
script type="text/javascript" src=""http://www.astroo.com/_e_astrologie_astroo.js">
Lunar phases (small) (excl tax from 14 €/month)
Date and feast of the Day (excl tax from 5 €/month)
Today Horoscope full page (excl tax from 99 €/month)
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