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Synastry Brad - Angelina
Synastry chart AstroQuick.Fr
superposed charts: Brad Pitt (inside) ~ Angelina Jolie (outside)
to display degrees and symbolism, fly over the chart with the mouse.
Synastry's aspectarian table
Charts comparison Brad with Angelina
Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius
we. 12/18/1963 @ 06h31
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA - lat. 35N20 - lon. 096W58
Angelina Jolie
Gemini Ascendant Cancer
we. 06/04/1975 @ 09h00
Los Angeles, California USA - lat. 34N00 - lon. 118W10
    A synastry is based on the study of planets and houses reciprocal positions in each birth chart. This analysis introduces us to three general aspects:
  - The zodiacal affinities of each personal planet that will help us get in touch with the positive and negative aspects of our personality.
  - The positions in houses that will help you figure out in what aspect those psychological tendencies will express themselves.
  - The qualities of planetary inter-aspects (harmonies or dissonances) that will help you figure out if you are willing to get along well with someone or not.
    We remind you that it is impossible for a computerized analysis, even fully detailled, to give the exact summary of all the consequences in the results we find for each birth chart. The synastry is a very complex astrological study that can't work with a computer. However, the following analysis will give you key elements for you to figure out many things about why you do (not) get along with someone.
    It is important to remember that those generalities are neither a statement of fact nor a benediction for your relationship. Beyond the way people express their astrological potential is a relationship that first and foremost depends on the level of love. Only a sincere love and a common knowledge of you and your partner's particularities will guarantee a stable and lasting relationship that would overcome all the obstacles!
    Enjoy your reading !
Sun Solar signs
The study of solar positions helps you understand how to react in your relationship with your partner according to the caracteristics of her sign.
The way your sun's sign loves:
Sun Sagittarius
Your planet Jupiter makes you enthusiastic, generous and loyal, and your partners like that a lot. Indeed, we never get bored with you! However in your relationships you lack objectivity and you tend to become a little too overbearing and tyrannical. As far as love is concerned, you are protective and faithful despite your need of freedom and adventure. Conquering gives you much motivation by testing your partner thanks to your entrancing charm. However... you are faithful in love. You can play Romeo under Juliet's balcony, you are devoted to the one who makes your heart beat faster. So you will always do your best to shower her with love and give her anything she needs. Admit that you feel as happy to give a present as your partner is to receive it. But that's the innocent and childlike side people love about you. Just like a child dreaming about real love..just like you like them!
The way Angelina sun's sign loves:
Sun Gemini
Just like Mercury; Angelina sun sign's planet, Angelina is curious, slick and smiling. Feeling young and free, Angelina gets away from monotony and habits, especially in Angelina's love life. Life is a game to Angelina and she has got to have fun. That's what Angelina does since she spends extensive time partying. That's why Angelina has numerous relationships, even at the same time! Angelina almost never has the same opinion, that's why Angelina doesn't really bond with the people she dates and that caused her a few failures. Angelina gets used to any kind of situations and knows how to hide some feelings when it's needed. But since she does that almost all the time Angelina may have hidden loves as well, which is good at first, but then leads to disaster and misunderstandings...
Angelina needs to stay funny and keep communicating and being carefree, but by trying not to hurt your feelings by becoming more mature.
Sun House VI
Your Sun is in her house VI
You may have met at work or thanks to common co-workers. Anyway, Angelina gives much credit to the organization of your daily life. If you both work together, try to avoid some kind of routine and to escape once in a while for a week end in a peaceful place.
House VII Sun
Her Sun is in your house VII
This is one of the best astral positions for a couple! To you, Angelina is the perfect partner, the second pan of the scale, who you can share everything with. So, if it has not happened yet... when will this wedding take place?
Sun opposition Mercury
Your Sun opposite to her Mercury
You sometimes argue with Angelina because the way she acts or her ideas don't match yours. Sometimes it's the way she talks that bothers you. But admit that some of the things she says are a piece of advice to you. So why don't you weigh the pros and cons before judging?
Sun sextile Uranus
Your Sun sextile to her Uranus
You like Angelina's originality, her creativity and her ability to renew. Together you can cross the world and have many friends. By the way, you will realize that both of you need to meet new people and to party a lot. Keep staying open-minded.
Jupiter sextile Sun
Your Jupiter is sextile to her Sun
Angelina's personality matches your enthusiasm and generosity. You get along very well, especially when it's time to party!
Saturn trine Sun
Her Sun is trine to your Saturn
Angelina's personality matches your sense of responsibilities. You help each other out especially when it's about building something together.
Uranus Square Sun
Her Sun in square to your Uranus
Some of Angelina's personality traits keep you from expressing your creativity and originality. Angelina doesn't feel like she is appreciated for what she truly is. As a consequence you need to find other harmonic aspects to her Sun to minimize this tendency.
Pluto Square Sun
Her Sun is square to your Pluto
Angelina is confused by your sexual instinct and your tendency to keep everything for yourself and to be scared... and that's going to bother you both. Try to find out if other harmonic aspects minimize this tendency.
Ascendant Ascendants
Your Ascendant also has preferences when it comes to love and shows you the way you act in your relationships with others, and especially with your partner.
Ascendant Sagittarius
Your Ascendant is in Sagittarius
In your relationships or in life in general, we like your dynamism, your willingness and your communication. Straightforwardness and sincerity are qualities that people like about you. Being quite fiery, it's with passion that you live your first times in bed with someone. In order to make this last, you need to find stability with someone cheerful, dynamic, unusual, adventurer, and above all funny!
Love preferences of Angelina's Ascendant:
Ascendant Cancer
Angelina's ascendant Cancer
As well in her relationships as in life in general, Angelina is sensitive, emotional or very inhibited. Because of a certain emotional insecurity, communication with others might be more reserved on the outside than deep inside her heart. Being touchy and sometimes naive, only truth and trust make Angelina blossom. Since she gives much importance to honesty, she may find stability with a serious and more mature partner, this partner also being reassuring and cultured. Are you all that?
Ascendant House V
Your Ascendant in Angelina's House V
You have a power over the way Angelina loves, that's why she likes hugs and intimacy with you. If you are artists, you have a positive influence over her creativity.
House VIII Ascendant
Angelina's ascendant in your Eighth house
Angelina has a power over your sexual life because to you she is a fantasy. A little wink and you are ready to get kinky with her! Unless she is just looking for a material security? Anyway... try to sort out love and money.
Ascendant opposition Sun
Your Ascendant opposite to her Sun
In spite of some divergences, you complement each other well. Both your personalities are matching and you consider Angelina as your partner. Indeed, your couple is well balanced and you both have much respect for each other.
Ascendant trine Moon
Your Ascendant trine to her Moon
Your behavior often matches Angelina's sensitivity. If no other aspect is minimizing this tendency, we can say you know how to arouse her desires and to reduce her emotionalism when it's necessary.
Ascendant opposition Mercury
Your Ascendant opposite to her Mercury
In spite of some divergences, you complement each other. Your personality matches Angelina's way to think; indeed you often agree on many things, especially as far as your business is concerned or about travellings you have to do together.
Ascendant trine Mars
Your Ascendant trine to her Mars
Your personality matches the way Angelina acts. If no other aspect is minimizing this tendency, we can say you know how to make the right decision together.
Ascendant trine Jupiter
Your Ascendant trine to her Jupiter
Your personality matches the way Angelina wants to change. If no other aspect is minimizing this tendency, we can say you know how to make the right decision together, especially as far as banks are concerned.
Ascendant Conjunction Neptune
Your Ascendant conjunct to her Neptune
You have some influence over Angelina and her ideals. That's why you can give her good piece of advice about her spiritual evolution, this way Angelina doesn't forget that her soul has needs in hard times as well.
Ascendant sextile Pluto
Your Ascendant sextile to her Pluto
Your personality often matches Angelina's instinct. If no other aspect is minimizing this tendency, we can say you both feel the hidden side of things and people you hang out with. But don't take advantage of this power!
Moon The Moon and intimate life
The Moon is connected to your emotions, your sensitivity and your mood. It's also connected to your erotic imagination and the way you sexually get along with Angelina.
Moon Capricorn
Your natal Moon in Capricorn
With a rather wild disposition, you only give a little bit of yourself and maybe more if you have a total confidence in Angelina. Actually you always try to be reasonable as far as your emotions are concerned and you often need to control your heart. As far as sex is concerned, you tend to get away from passion because you are afraid of the consequences of a blind love. However behind this "coldness" lies a warm and... delicious disposition!
The Moon and Angelina's intimacy
Moon Aries
Angelina's natal Moon in Aries
Angelina tends to follow her impulses and to pay much attention to her desires, which causes her to be head over heels in love or... very irritable. Being a little touchy and whimsical, she is very moody too. What if she took more time to tell Angelina yes or no? As far as sex is concerned, Angelina is very excited and gives her best, especially for her first times. However you ought to know Angelina hates habits and monotony.
Moon House VI
Your Moon is in her house VI
You probably met at work. Anyway, Angelina appreciated your sensitivity and imagination from the first time. Besides, you can inspire her in her work.
House IV Moon
Her Moon is in your Fourth house
Angelina can help you build your own business or even take care of the house. And if you both like kids, it's probably Angelina who will insist on having one with you...
Moon opposition Ascendant
Your Moon in opposition to Angelina's ascendant
In spite of divergences, you complement each other. Her personality matches well your sensitivity; indeed Angelina really understands the way you express your emotions and desires and it's good as far as your sexual harmony is concerned.
Moon opposition Venus
Your Moon opposite to Angelina's Venus
Your sensitivity doesn't always match the way she loves, however you fantasize about her charm and sex appeal. Angelina likes your imagination as far as sex is concerned. It's a little like the cat and the mouse but you both like that.
Moon Square Jupiter
Your Moon square to her Jupiter
She is being excessive and it bothers you. She spends a lot of money and parties a lot... and it doesn't match your sensitivity. Try to give Angelina the sense of responsibilities and if you have to do it... take separated accounts.
Moon opposition Saturn
Your Moon opposite to her Saturn
Although Angelina is trying everything so that you won't make any mistakes and you will feel protected, but she is so uptight, judgemental and sad that you tend to avoid her. But you need her presence as far as administrative matters are concerned.
Moon Square Uranus
Your Moon square to her Uranus
Your sensitivity doesn't often match her liberal, nonconformist and stressfull behavior. The way you both live is much different, that's why you should unwind sometimes. That'll make you feel better.
Jupiter Conjunction Moon
Her Moon conjunct to your Jupiter
That's an excellent astral combination for the couple! There's no doubt about the fact that there's joy and harmony between you guys because you both know how to bring happiness and salvation in this relationship.
Venus Venus and feelings
The study of Venus, the planet of love and union, is indispensable to understand the cohesion of your relationship. Venus is connected to the way you express your feelings, your tastes and your expectations on the emotional plane.
Venus Capricorn
Your natal Venus in Capricorn, you usually don't show your feelings very fast. That's why you try to remain reserved and to not show any of your emotions. You don't really know about passion because you want to protect your heart. This repression of feelings makes you lonely most of the time, and also single or forced to get married when you're getting older. You only decide to commit yourself when you are sure about the commitment your partner made with you. Although they are silent, those commitments are usually deep and lasting. You sometimes feel attracted to older or more mature people. Your hidden sensitivity sometimes makes you melancholy. Be careful that sometimes the repression of your feelings may make you feel lonely. What Angelina likes about you is your consistency, your discreet charm that hides a warm sexuality, and your faithfulness. What you like about Angelina is her reassuring social position, her strong spirit and her wisdom.
How Angelina deals with the way she loves:
Venus Cancer
Angelina's Venus in Cancer, you like her tenderness, sweetness and her motherly side that is so strong that people just get attached to her very easily. Indeed Angelina knows better than anyone the importance of a kiss or a caress. The affection she gives, her love for family and house is much appreciated by her partners. However her feelings are changing according to her mood. Her soul is also whimsical, capricious and moody, always looking for something new, and it makes her rely on her family a little too much. It's hard for Angelina to break off communication with her family...
What you like about her is her sweetness, her kindness, hospitality, natural grace and romantic soul. If you are looking for someone who gives your children so much affection and tenderness and who makes you feel comfortable as far as your financial situation is concerned, then you are the happiest person in the world!
Venus House VI
Your Venus in her house VI
You probably met at work or in a hospital. Anyway, Angelina likes your charm and the power of your feelings at first sight. If you work together, try to go out once in a while in order the break the habits.
House VIII Venus
Her Venus is in your Eighth house
Angelina is very susceptible to your charm and it makes her want to make love everytime she is in your arms. Besides, Angelina brings you fortune in your business, which is good for your relationship.
Venus opposition Venus
Your Venuses are opposite
The way you love is different from the way she loves but they complement each other. For example, if one of you is sad, the other one knows how to make her feel better. Anyway, this magnetic attraction you have for each other makes you have the best sex ever because you both give the love your special one needs!
Venus opposition Ascendant
Angelina's Ascendant opposite to your Venus
In spite of some contradictions, you can complement each other. Her personality matches the way you love well: indeed Angelina is very susceptible to the expression of your feelings and it's good for your harmony.
Venus Square Jupiter
Your Venus square to her Jupiter
The way you love doesn't match her generosity so that is not good for your budget. Rather than asking for what's due to you, you shouldn't count on her help and just let go. Try to find out if another harmonic aspect to your Venus can moderate this tendency.
Venus opposition Saturn
Your Venus opposite to her Saturn
Angelina doesn't really like your tastes and values and she tends to put you off by her seriousness or her judgment. But try to be appreciative for her piece of advice about wisdom and caution. That will make you put things into perspective.
Venus Square Uranus
Your Venus square to her Uranus
Your tastes and values don't really match her rebellious, adventurous and eccentric personality. You think Angelina is unstable, moody all the time. Try to find out if another harmonic aspect to your Venus can moderate this tendency, or you may break up several times...
Mercury Mercury and friendship
Friendship is an important part of a relationship. Mercury is connected to the way you express yourself and communicate with Angelina. The study of this planet will therefore make you realize how much you get along and how close you are as far as your friendship is concerned.
Mercury Capricorn
Your natal Mercury is in Capricorn
Your insight and seriousness may give you a bright future in economics, accountancy or architecture, but you need a lot of time to understand it all. Moreover it's hard for you to communicate with Angelina, especially when it comes to writing. What we can criticize about you is your coldness, you also always bear grudges and are pessimistic, but Angelina likes your integrity and your tenacity. To you friendship is connected to faithfulness.
Angelina's Mercury
Mercury Gemini
Her natal Mercury is in Gemini
Her oral skills and unique dexterity allow Angelina to do several things at the same time. She is social and likes new experiences and funny situations because she has a good sense of humor. Life is a game to Angelina and the first thing to do is to have fun. Friendship is connected to words and what you can share together: going out, letters, chats or emails. But sometimes you might be bothered by her mischievous personality and the fact that she likes gossip and lies.
Mercury House VI
Your Mercury is in her house VI
You boost her curiosity and you even make Angelina improve her mind at work and in her activities in general. That's why you have good piece of advice because you have practical ideas.
House VII Mercury
Her Mercury is in your house VII
You complement each other. You usually take her opinion into account as far as your relationship is concerned. If other aspects confirm this tendency, you can even become great partners.
Mercury Square Moon
Your Mercury square to Angelina's Moon
The way you communicate does not really match her sensitivity. Angelina thinks you are too complicated or too nervous, and her frames of mind make you confused. That's why you should avoid any kind of tricky conversation...
Mercury Square Mars
Your Mercury square to Angelina's Mars
Angelina is often opposed to you and her aggressiveness bothers you. You should avoid working together as much as possible. If other aspects minimize this tendency, you may overcome this obstacle but you have to favour tolerance and receptiveness.
Mercury Square Jupiter
Your Mercury square to her Jupiter
You feel like Angelina's excessive personality makes the quality of your conversations worse. You should avoid worthless discussions and see if other harmonic aspects from her planets to your Mercury can minimize this tendency.
Mercury opposition Saturn
Your Mercury opposite to her Saturn
You feel like Angelina is a little stuck up and judges people a lot. It changes the way you communicate. That's why Angelina should take your opinion into account and favour sharing over competition.
Saturn trine Mercury
Her Mercury trine your Saturn
Angelina can efficiently help you and make you climb the social ladder more easily because her intellect matches your knowledge. Therefore you can have a business together by stimulating each other.
Mars MARS and desire
Mars is the symbol of masculinity and action and is connected to the expression of desire and the will to conquer. For women the planet represents the man as a lover and for men, it represents the expression of sexual desire.
The way you express your desire
Mars Capricorn
Your natal Mars in Capricorn
You are rigid as much in your activities as in your business, your professional life is a success and you are full of determination. However your co-workers and even your partner could criticize your cold and distant personality as well as your pessimism.
As far as sex is concerned, your desire is often a matter of time. You'd rather organize a little week end with your partner with all you need to have in the bedroom so that you won't leave it. Sometimes you need to feel that Angelina resists.
The way Angelina expresses her desire:
Mars Aries
Her natal Mars in Aries
Angelina is impulsive, bold, adventurous and sometimes aggressive. However, her lack of diplomacy and her legendary blunders often make your relationship conflictual.
As far as sex is concerned, her desire is often hard to control. But Angelina easily lets go as long as she understands that she is desirable and that you know how to arouse her.
Mars House VI
Your Mars in her house VI
You will make Angelina surpass herself, work more dynamically and more efficiently. But if you start working together... beware of anger and arguments!
House IV Mars
Her Mars is in your house IV
Angelina can work in your house or make you want to work at home. As far as sex is concerned, Angelina knows exactly what to do to make you do what she wants you to do.
Mars Square Mars
Your Mars are in square
You don't share the same way to act, to make decisions and to work, that's why you shouldn't mix both your personal and professional lives. If other aspects moderate this tendency, you can overcome this obstacle but you have to be more tolerant and you both need to keep some aspects of your lives private... without aggressiveness!
Mars Square Moon
Your Mars square her Moon
Both male and female poles are opposed, making you argue more than usually, especially when you guys are under a lot of pressure. Try to see if harmonic aspects from her planets to your Mars moderate this tendency.
Mars opposition Saturn
Your Mars opposite her Saturn
Sometimes you feel like Angelina is a little too rough and her tendency to judge or dramatize bothers you, however you can complement each other. You should explain her that she should be less categorical and that would reassure you.
Mars Square Pluto
Your Mars in square to her Pluto
Sometimes you feel like Angelina has a power over you, and that keeps you from doing what you want to do. Try to see if harmonic aspects from Angelina's planets to your Mars moderate this tendency.
Jupiter Conjunction Mars
Her Mars in conjunction to your Jupiter
Angelina's initiatives match your personal growth. Besides her desires for you are always connected to your well-being. You can also help her become more efficient at work.

Birth chart of Brad Pitt
we. 12/18/1963 @ 06h31
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA
latitude 35N20, longitude 096W58
Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius
Chart of Brad Pitt aspectarian table
Birth chart of Angelina Jolie
we. 06/04/1975 @ 09h00
Los Angeles, California USA
latitude 34N00, longitude 118W10
Angelina Jolie
Gemini Ascendant Cancer
Chart of Angelina Jolie aspectarian table
planetary interaspects table Brad with Angelina
135 134 144 43
149 168 107 148 105 112 158 16 79
141 80 149 78 42 106
169 147 156 168 77 36 100
140 80 149 77 43 107
163 153 162 162 97 71 30
107 72 108 98 161
158 54 159 52 148 110 69 133
43 147 78 42 149 143 53 49 26
110 153 146 144 109 144 151 18 24 40
47 151 82 46 154 147 45 22
to display degrees and informations, fly over the table with the mouse.
first chart second chart
Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius
we. 12/18/1963 @ 06h31
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA - lat. 35N20 - lon. 096W58
Angelina Jolie
Gemini Ascendant Cancer
we. 06/04/1975 @ 09h00
Los Angeles, California USA - lat. 34N00 - lon. 118W10
    This is the end of the charts comparison.

    Display the reverse comparison for Angelina with Brad.

We hope this analysis will help you get in touch and understand the different sides of your relationship.
In order to not make this study too complicated and to go straight to the point, we voluntarily let go of the secondary aspects of the synastry (lunar nodes connected to karmic relationships, Black Moons connected to sexuality in general and its complications). If you want to dig deeper in the analysis of your charts and synastry, you should have a consultation with a professional astrologer.

This analysis was written by French astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" and "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral".
The English translation was made by Loic Janin.
The astrological analysis was made by astrologer and engineer , creator of AstroQuick astrology software and www.astroo.com web site.
© AstroQuick 1993-2024 - ALL RIGHT RESERVED. The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of any material from this site is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of www.astroquick.fr.
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