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How does the astrology software works on my website ?
The code that you install on your web page is an iFrame. While remaining functional on your site (in a totally transparent to the user), the software actually works on our servers. So it can't occur any incompatibility problem between the operation of your site and the astrology software. Moreover, once installed on your website, the software requires no action on your part (updates are automatic).

Astrological calculations are they reliable ?
The accuracy of calculations is excellent for planets (generally one minute of arc). The accuracy for calculation of the ascendant and houses is extremely reliable, especially because of the quality of geographic databases and timetables that are also used on most popular websites.

Is there any fee to use your astrology software ?
No, no charge. Use or affiliate registration are completely free.

I am affiliated partner, is the commission is paid when a sale is made from your online software  ?
Yes, in the same way as for banners, when someone uses any software, a cookie is assigned that contains your affiliate ID. This Cookie is valid 7 days. Also the compensation are for all purchases taking place on the site astro-quick.com within 7 days. This period allows you to keep potential sales.

I want to use your software to sell my own astrological studies, can you make a special version for my web site ?
No, the interface of our free software is standard and can not be customized.
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