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Ephemerides 2000-2100 at 0h UTC international edition by Daniel Vega

Ephemerides 2000-2100 UT at 0h by Daniel Vega
International edition

An unique and ideal international presentation for research !
The new line of ephemerides presents the daily longitudes of planets with the two lunar nodes and the three dark Moons.
The data are calculated with precision by the planetary computation from the NASA (JPL) and the most elaborated lunar computation (BDL).
This study will be complete with the calculation of the position (every 48 hours) of the asteroids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron and the recently discovered planetoids Haumea, Quaoar, Makemake, Orcus, Sedna and Eris.
Luminaries longitudes are rounded up by the arc second to give a precise calculation of solar and lunar returns. The table for the daily motion of the Sun and the Moon ("24h MOTION") will help us determine (at any time) the precise longitude without any calculator by operating a simple addition of values in the interpolation tables (at the end of the book).
The new 2017 layout displays a better readability of the monthly data on two columns for lunar and planetary ingresses. The new section "planetary stations" will calculate dates and positions of the previous and next station. Under the classic lunar phases section is the DATA section (first day of the month) that is completed with the position of the sidereal vernal point "DK SVP" according to Alice Bailey. Eclipses will give more information about longitudes, starting, peak and ending time, with geographic coordinates of the solar eclipses.
Longitudes on the tropical zodiac on hour 0 UTC.
101 years of ephemerides, 1230 pages with no paper.
Ebook PDF file with index, links and bookmarks to easily navigate through those 1230 pages (no need to type a password when opening).
Compatible with any PDF reader on PC, MAC, Linux, iOS (iPad) and Android. Adobe Acrobat Reader new window is recommanded (100% free).
Zero paper: the print function is blocked to preserve the planet and make sure the selling price remains 2 to 3 times less expensive (an eight-paged annex is printable for the tables and related information).
Interactive non printable PDF file (1230 pages with 0 paper), the format (16x22cm) is adapted to all screens without losing any quality (even reduced with the iPad mini 8") - File size: about 35 Mo.

PDF file with extracts

to try this ebook with your computer or your tablet. new window

Excerpt from the book

1st cover Ephemerides 2000-2100 International ed. - Daniel Vega -  2021 Astro-Quick.Com Editions
Example page Ephemerides 2000-2100 International ed. - Daniel Vega -  2021 Astro-Quick.Com Editions
4th cover Ephemerides 2000-2100 International ed. - Daniel Vega -  2021 Astro-Quick.Com Editions
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