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AstroRS interpretation module AstroQuick 7 Software
(included in version PRO - option for version DELUXE)
With one click, your personalized astrological analysis are immediately ready.
You can edit the final document, for example by correcting certain paragraphs or by adding comments on important sectors of the chart.
The interpretation parameters are set automatically by the chart, so you can produce partial interpretations, eg no astrological houses when the birth time is unknown.
Sample of interpretation AstroRS of the birthday chart (HTML 100% compatible internet report)

Solar year 2017 for Sr 2017

saturday, June 3, 2017 19h59 (19h59 UT, D.UT = +0h00m)
Los Angeles - California USA (lat.34N00 lon.118W10)


A solar return is a chart calculated the year when the Sun comes back to the exact same position as the one of the birth chart (exact same time). We also call it "anniversary chart" because this particular time of the year generally gives us a preview of what the next solar year is going to be about (from a birth date to another the next year).
The astrological study of your solar return is based on a general analysis of the birth date and birth place sky chart but also on the analysis of its comparison with the birth sky chart (birth chart). This superimposition of both charts will give you more details in several areas such as your love life, your family, your professional life, your finances, your hobbies, etc.
The solar return is very important in the study of transits and will help you figure out in what areas the elements signified by the planetary transits will happen.
We remind you that it is impossible for a computerized analysis, even detailed, to do what a professional astrologer could do. That's why some interpretations may sound contradictory or inappropriate to you. Consequently you should read this document over and over again all through the year in order to see the connection it has with elements of your life. Then you will definitely know what to focus on in your life in order to face any situation happening during your solar year.

Have a good reading !


The solar return ascendant gives information about the annual atmosphere from a birthday to the one next year.

The sign of the annual ascendant is very important because it shows what we have done during the whole year (experiences, psychological consequences).

With a Solar Return Ascendant in Virgo, this year you are devoted to work and organization of your daily life.
Just like ants, you work patiently, you make lifelong plans and you give yourself goals.
Nothing is randomized.
For a better tomorrow you aren't afraid to clean, classify, analyze the ins and outs of a question.
If you don't take things too seriously and think about taking a break every once in a while, this year may be a great year because you will reap what you had sown.
It's also a year full of work, material productions...you are getting ready for the upcoming year.

The house (or sector) where the Solar Return Ascendant is determines how it is going to be connected to your life all year long.

Annual ascendant in natal house III
You will focus on your relationships with the family and friends, travels and pieces of writing.
You may be preoccupied by a sister or a brother.
You may be caught between two roads, two caracters or two different lives.
This year you have to deal with several things at once: you travel a lot, talk a lot, write a lot and call people on the phone a lot as well.
Express yourself and don't hesitate to travel if you have to.
If you are a good writer, you may work a lot!

Ascendant in dissonant aspect to the annual Sun
Your personality doesn't really match your individualism because you are too focused on dualism and compromises.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Mercury
Your personality can easily match your individualism, and it will favor communication and understanding.

Ascendant in dissonant aspect to annual Neptune
Your individuality doesn't really match your ideals, besides you tend to be very mysterious about yourself and it leads you to believe you are also confused about yourself.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Pluto
Your individuality can match your instinct as long as you remain respectful and honest...


During a solar return, the Midheaven shows how, during a solar year, to build a social or professional growth (as much positive as negative) according to the transits.
The sign in which the Midheaven is shows how skilled we are in order to reach our goals.

Midheaven in Gemini
This year you will focus on trying to communicate more easily and also on socio-professional contacts, etc.
You may also make some changes in your career this year: you may change your activities, be between two jobs or even two lives.
This may also be a year of studies or a new type of employment in the field of communication (radio, TV, new media).

The house the midheaven is in will show what kind of events we will go through.

Midheaven in natal house XI
In this situation you will focus on creating new projects.
And even if most of them are about your future, you feel like you are helped and it gives you hope.
You feel like you could do anything thanks to your friends, that's why you should be thankful.
You will live in the future more than in the now.
Your friends are very important for your future because you will make some changes thanks to them.

Midheaven in conjunction to the natal SunThanks to your personality, your creativity and your charisma, you will reach your goals.
As long as you worked on it the previous year, you may be able to climb the social ladder during the solar year.

Midheaven in conjunction to natal MercuryThanks to your intelligence, your ability to communicate, to share or to write, you will reach your goals.
If you work in the trade field, you may make some good business during the solar year.

Midheaven in conjunction to the annual Sun

You do all that you can to reach your goals (social and human) but it takes a lot from you.
However you are full of perseverance and determination.


Given that we focus on the solar return just as much as the zodiac in the natal chart to build an annual chart, the solar return Sun always keeps the same sign.

Its interpretation in houses will help us understand the part it plays in the solar year.
Its aspects to other planets are also very important: dissonant aspects show how it may become weaker, harmonic aspects will show how much it can be improved all year long.

Annual Sun in House IXThis year you may finally solve problems from the past.
During most of your year you will focus on philosophy, studies, religion and travels.
You may travel a lot and it may give you more opportunities, more or less positive according to the aspects.

Sun in harmonic aspect to the annual Moon
You are stable and in harmony with your true self, you control your emotions and you are often in a good mood.
That's why your health is also stable and you are very energetic.
Your imagination will help you create.

Sun in harmonic aspect to Annual Jupiter
You are joyful and kind and try to remain as happy and funny as possible, and your friends like it.
The atmosphere is rather positive during the solar year: you have opportunities, you are invited to parties and you are often in a good mood.
Make sure you make some new contacts and you show what you are worth.

Sun in dissonant aspect to Annual Neptune

You have a lot of imagination; From inspiration to illusions.
You make a lot of mistakes as far as your judgments and you are utopian when it comes to your ideals: traveling far away with no organization (going away), hazardous business with weird people, drugs or alcoholism, etc.


The position of the Moon is just as important as the Sun's in the natal chart and gives information about the way you express your sensitivity, your emotions and your attitude during the solar year.

Its aspects to other planets are also very important: they tell you about potential difficulties or good news you may go through all year long.

Moon in Libra
Your mood will change according to your relationships with others or your partner.
If you're in a relationship, make sure the atmostphere remains peaceful at home.
If you're single,
you don't know if you want to commit or if you keep dealing with two relationships.

Moon in House I
You are more sensitive and in touch with your emotions, that's why relationships with your family will be very important.
Make sure you don't become manic-depressive though! You also want to live in the best atmosphere
by improving your lifestyle and changing furnitures.

Moon in conjunction to natal Pluto
You will highly question yourself because of a strong need to test your psyche.
You may become anxious, delusional or obsessed, but if you get some help from a therapist, you may experience a real rebirth.

Annual Moon in harmonic aspect to annual Jupiter
You feel like your family and friends appreciate you.
You are in harmony with your grandchildren and your own mother.
If you are an artist, you may work more than usually and people may like your work of art more than they used to.


In a natal chart, the position of Mercury is more interesting in houses than in signs.
Indeed since the planet doesn't go far from the Sun, they are often both either in the same sign or Mercury will be in the previous or the next sign.

Its position in houses gives us information about the way we should communicate and how to use our intellect all year long.
Its aspects to other planets help us know about opportunities or difficulties we will have all year long.

Mercury in House IXYou will open up your mind to philosophy, a new class you are taking or contacts in a foreign country.
You may have to travel outside the city or in a foreign country for business.

Annual Mercury in harmonic aspect to annual Pluto
You can feel what's deep inside the people you meet, their motivations, their flaws, etc.
That's why you may seal a deal, especially if you are in the trade or communication field.

Annual Mercury in dissonant aspect to annual North Node
During this solar year communication won't be easy
, and you may have issues with a younger member of your family.
You may also expect some changes after you send letters but nothing will happen.
The purpose of this very important year is for you to use your intellect more before you take any actions.


Just like Mercury, the position of Venus is more interesting in houses than in signs.
Indeed Venus is often either in the same sign as the Sun, or in the previous or next sign.

Its position in houses gives us information about the way we love, the values and tastes we have all along the solar year.
Finally its aspects to other planets give us details about trials and tribulations we may go through all year long.

Venus in House VIII
This year we try to love differently, even though we have to go through a crisis.
That is why sexuality will become essential, even obsessive.
Because of those troubles you may spend too much money.
If it's confirmed by other aspects, you may be affected by the death of a woman or a close female friend.

Annual Venus in harmonic aspects to annual Mars

You are very passionate and real.
You may fall head over heels in love with someone and it may lead you to marriage.
Would this year be the one?

Annual Venus in harmonic aspects to annual Saturn
If you are in a relationship, you may find some balance in this relationship by being serious, faithful and productive.
It may also be a great period for your finances: someone older may help you just as much as administrations.

Annual Venus in harmonic aspects to annual Uranus

This solar year will bring something new to the way you love and you will renew your values.
The source of your income may change or improve itself.
It's an interesting phase for you.
You will get to add more strings to your bow...


Annual Mars shows how you can use your physical energy, your initiative and fighting spirit during the solar year.
Its aspects to other planets are also very important: dissonant aspects show how you will have to deal with obstacles, the harmonic aspects how you can overcome them.

Mars in Gemini
Even if you keep the same activity all year long, you still need some diversity in your actions.
Activities such as communication, media or journalism are favored.

Mars in House X
This year you work a lot in order to climb the social ladder and you also practice a sport in order to surpass yourself (mountain climbing, hang-gliding, etc).
You may reach the top at work.

Mars in conjunction to natal Mercury
You feel like doing new things, communicate and share your ideas.
If you have a commercial activity, you will make good business.
You may also work with your brother or a close friend.

Annual mars in dissonant aspect to annual Saturn
This year you won't stand authority and will not take into account the piece of advice people tried to give you.
You also feel weak and discouraged, you feel like you aren't good enough to do your job and that people impose it on you.

Annual mars in harmonic aspect to annual Uranus

This aspect of Uranus brings new things to your activities, like new technologies and a more modern way of working, but also new co-workers.
During this period people come to you and ask for you help, that's why you are always busy.
The good thing about it is that you keep moving on!


Annual Jupiter will show how much help and protection you can get.
The possibilities of growth and opportunities you may get are detailed in the harmonic aspects, and dissonant aspects will give more information about restrictions and unfortune.

Jupiter in Libra
This year you want to help people, share the good and the bad with your partner and your co-workers.
You also make sure you bring harmony and stability to your partner and to your creations.

Jupiter in House II
Your finances will be protected, that's why you will have opportunities this year: chance, promotion and experience to use.
Under dissonant aspects, you may spend way too much money!

Jupiter in trine to your natal Sun

You may have a few opportunities and contacts with people are favored.
Your friends will support your projects.
Make sure you keep making new contacts and show what you can do.

Jupiter in opposition to your natal Moon
You have way too much imagination, that's why you become demanding and utopian.
It's not a bad thing if you use it as an artistic expression though, but other than that you need to slow it down and stop exagerating.

Jupiter in opposition to your natal Mars
You aren't really satisfied with your activities although people offer you the best contracts to sign.
Besides unexpected events are slowing you down with your projects.
It's hard for you to control your aggressiveness and nervousness, you may not make the right decisions.
You need to learn how to control your impulsiveness.

Jupiter in opposition to your natal Jupiter

You tend to rest on your laurels and to be excessive (you will spend way too much money).
But you need to remember you have responsibilities, so you need to remain careful, serious and thrifty.

Jupiter in square to your natal Saturn
During this period you may go nowhere.
You may have issues with banks and administrations, your hierarchy at work have no consideration for you and you have problems with the law.
You should lay low for a little while and try not to demand too much or spend too much money.

Jupiter in sextile to your natal Neptune

You may figure out a lot of things during this period.
You should analyse your dreams because they may show you what path to follow.
You may travel, especially on a cruise, during the year and you will love it!

Jupiter in conjunction to natal Pluto
This position usually brings exceptional people to your life but you have to make sure you don't use your instinct too much because it will make you go over the top.
But the good thing about it is that you feel like getting more in touch with nature and its realness.

Jupiter in dissonant aspect to annual Pluto
Although this aspect between two slow planets is for all the people who were born the same day that you were born, you may not make the right decisions as far as legal matters, that's why you may lose money (by speculation or by unfortune).
Make sure you know about the law and rules in order to avoid such situations (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).


Annual Saturn shows what aspects you have to work on, and the difficulties you will have all year long.
It also shows you how to climb the social ladder, your relationship with hierarchy and administrations, time passing...

Saturn in Sagittarius
It's a rebirth for you, either thanks to traveling or thanks to a spiritual epiphany or even thanks to someone else you just met, especially if it's an older person.

Saturn in House IV
With such a position of Saturn you will get to have a family of your own and to build or buy your own house.
However it's a complicated and restrictive year, you will have to take care of your family or older and sick people.
But the positive thing about it is that an older and wiser person may give you some help.

Saturn in opposition to your natal Mercury
For the next couple of months the atmosphere will be tensed with your people, especially your partner and co-workers.
It seems like they don't appreciate the way you communicate, the fact that you are frequently late for work or appointments and your harsh judgments.
You need to calm down and lay low by accepting people's piece of advice.

Saturn in trine to your natal Jupiter

If you are serious and disciplined, you may get some help and keep doing your thing.
Law is on your side and a loan (or more) may be granted to you.
That's why you will use the law, build your company and ask for the protection of administration and banks.

Saturn in sextile to your natal Uranus

If you are serious and disciplined, you may reach your goals and get some help for your personal creation and your projects.
You may also get some help from the administration, the law and your people, especially if it's an older and wiser person.

Saturn in harmonic aspect to annual Uranus
Although this global aspect is for all the people who were born the same day that you were born, you may show some authority because your spirit is both rational and reforming (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).


Since this planet moves slowly (one zodiac sign every seven years), we don't give much importance to its position in signs and we will focus on its position in houses.
We will do the same thing for Neptune and Pluto.
For those three planets the interpretation of the aspects of natal planets are like a background for the transits and they can last up to two years.
We have to put things into perspective though when it comes to the relevance of those interpretations.
As for the past transits, it's best to minimize their interpretation that usually is a consequence of past events.
However transits happening during the solar year are very important and will have a strong influence on the solar year.

If you have read the book "Astroquick Astral Forecast" you should now focus on matching transits with their exact dates (you can find them at the beginning of the paragraph).

Annual Uranus shows us how to upgrade some things in our lives, that's why we should expect some surprises and changes.
It also shows how to be different from others and how to express our originality.

Uranus in House VIII

You may radically change your lifestyle, that's why before the rebirth...you will go through a crisis.
Under dissonant aspects you may have an accident or a surgery.
But under harmonic aspects you may have another source of income.

Uranus in square to your Ascendant

You go through a lot as far as relationships, but you may be the reason why things aren't going well.
You feel like you can't settle down for now, always changing partners and associates, but most of the time you don't control anything.
What if you changed the way you are with people? Be receptive and use your intuition because it will help you a lot.

Uranus in conjunction to your Midheaven
An unexpected change of destiny may completely modify your lifestyle.
It will destabilize you but maybe is it time for you to let go of the past and your habits.
Open up yourself to newness and surprises in life!

Uranus in sextile to your natal Mercury

You enrich yourself with a new knowledge and accept new ideas (new technology, electronics, computers).
You will meet new friends and will make new contacts for your business, especially with people abroad.
You may also travel with a brother, a sister or an old friend.

Uranus in square to your natal Venus
You will go through some changes in your personal life: you may meet someone new and break up with your current partner.
You will have some important decisions to make but keep in mind that it may free you from your past.

Uranus in conjunction to natal Jupiter
You feel like changing your group of friends, to invest your money differently and to change career if you are bored.
You decide to take it slow though.
That's why you may have to travel but other aspects have to confirm that.

Uranus in opposition to your natal Uranus
You try to express your singularity even if you have to question everything you used to believe in and even your family and friends.
However this change won't be easy because you will have to be more confident in order to have more freedom and to redefine your goals in order to build a new life that will match your inner personality.


The Annual Neptune shows when you have to be careful in order to keep improving yourself and to stop dealing with uncertainties and illusions.
Depending on the aspects, it will tell you if you are on the right direction or not and how to follow the right path with more spirituality and clarity.

Neptune in House VI
This year you won't be always realistic as far as your job.
That's why you may be delusional as far as the income you expected to have but also as far as your co-workers.
With dissonant aspects you may have to deal with a psychological dicease very hard to diagnose.

Neptune in square to the natal Sun

This year your imagination will take over reality.
From inspiration to illusions, you will make many mistakes and will be tempted to live through your utopian views that are just the reflection of your own ideas.
Make sure you don't become addicted to alcohol or drugs but also platonic or virtual relationships.
With harmonic aspects, you can become more creative and spiritual.

Neptune in trine to your natal Saturn
This transit of Neptune will open up your mind to a new dimension of the spirit by being in contact with people who are faithful.
You know you are confident and that's one of the positive consequences of that mood of yours.

Neptune in harmonic aspect to annual Pluto
Even though this global aspect involves thousands of people this year, you will become much more spiritual and it will positively influence your life in many ways (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).


Annual Pluto will make you focus on what you want to surpass yourself for, only if you decide to let go of the past and of your subconscious.
It also shows the transformation and crisis you will go through in order to move on with your life.

Pluto in House V
You can completely change the way you love and become more sincere and real.
You may also change the relationship you have with your kids.

Pluto in square to your natal Midheaven

For the last couple of months you have been very anxious but people can't see it because it's all happening inside.
You are worried because of your social position: you are scared to lose your job and your house.
Besides you may not reach your goals because of all that.
With such an unstable situation you have to hold on and be strong (as long as someone supports you in what you do) or you will have to let go of everything and reconsider your goals.

Pluto in square to your natal Moon

Through this transit you will experience again the fears you used to have when you were a kid, and funny thing about it...your mother is still involved in them.
Those fears usually show family issues and a destiny you have to embrace.
You have to cut the umbilical cord.
Since the moon is connected to your emotions, this transit takes you on the road to neurosis and depression.
But it's usually just strong worries.
The way you eat may also be affected, that's why you should be careful with allergies or food poisoning: you need to eat healthy food.
Finally during those long months you may also learn to control your emotions by searching in your past what happened in your childhood to make you feel this way.
That's why you should go see a therapist.

Pluto in opposition to your natal Venus

You may go through a crisis in your relationship but also in your finances.
Actually your feelings and values are changing.
That's why lately you have felt like you couldn't breathe in your relationships, with your partner and with your social sponsor.
This crisis will help you move on though...

Pluto in square to your natal Jupiter

Your personal growth will be stopped for a while.
You stop being enthusiastic and you also feel deeply unsatisfied.
If you're a greedy person, Pluto makes you realize how much you depend on your needs.
Actually you are more lucid than what you usually are as far as your physical, social or cultural needs.
You need to discipline yourself more than ever.

Pluto in opposition to your natal Saturn

You feel like everything you had built or studied until now could be
It's best to accept your responsibilities with the seriousness you always had in order to make business.
More than ever you need to be lucid.


Most of the time the annual ascendant changes sign, the twelve houses of the solar Return will change their superimposition with the twelve houses of the natal chart through the years.

Given that the interactions between those houses are numerous, they can be interpreted differently.
Don't take what you will read in the next four paragraphs literally.
However it may confirm or contradict what you had read in the previous paragraphs and may also give you an extra information.

House II in natal house III (and House VIII in natal house IX)

You have to spend your money and use your knowledge to help your brothers or sisters, to pay for your studies or to buy a new car.
You may also invest in a trip abroad or in an international company.
A crisis may have you change your career and start a new internship.

House III in natal house IV (and House IX in natal house X)

Through the people you meet, you may find the one and have a family.
You may move and meet new people again.
You may also have to take care of some family business and argue with brothers and sisters.
You may also write a lot at home (email exchange, diary or book).
You may study through a correspondence course at home.
You may also have contacts in a foreign country or even convert to a religion.

House V in natal house VI (and House XI in natal house XII)

This superimposition will show how you express your creativity in your daily life, how you have to raise your children and if you enjoy doing it or not.
If you're an artist, you will love your job and if you have kids, you can teach them a lesson or help them work.
During this phase you will lose some friends, and one of your friend may be hospitalized or in jail.
You have plans for the future but you keep them secret.

House VI in natal house VI (and House XII in natal house XII)

This superimposition shows how you interact with people in your daily life.
You may have to depend a lot on your partner or your co-workers.
Your activities may be connected to human relations or justice.
You may change a lot thanks to retirement, loneliness or rest.

This is the end of the analysis and we hope it will positively guide you through the whole solar year. We invite you to work on it along with the study of transits in order to have a better and more precise idea of what your astral climate is going to be like.

This analysis was written by the astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" et "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral".

This astrological analysis was made by Your name and adresses - www.yourwebsite.com - you@yourwebsite.com with the software AstroQuick 7 from Daniel Véga, astrologer and website designer www.astroo.com.

© copyright AstroQuick.fr 1993-2024 - All rights reserved - Unauthorized propagation prohibited.

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