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Astrology Software, APP
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AstroQuick 7 WEB software: 100% compatible Mac PC Linux iPhone Android iPad
AstroQuick 7 for internet browsers
Mac OS X, PC Windows 10 11, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android, iOS compatible.
  The easiest Astrology software to use
Software with no installation !
A professional application
Technical datasheet
Versions and comparison
Interpretations Modules
Online order and prices

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ANNUAL LICENSES 4 times cheaper than a classic software and its updates !
Use beginner and mobile app amateur and astrologer professional astrologer
Price for 12 months license 19.99 € 94.99 € 499.99 €
Online order order order order
Indicative monthly price,
costs only less than :
1.67 € per month * 7.92 € per month * 41.67 € per month *
2 years or more licences:
(no subscription, no commitment or direct debit : payment once the order)
1.00 € per month
3.33 € per month
33.33 € per month
select your currency:
Calculations and charts: calculations up to 5000 years ephemeris 10 planets 5 asteroids 5 fictional points 20 house systems
Natal chart, horary, astral clock      
Double zodiac charts (tropical+sidereal)      
Ephemeris and lunar phases charts      
Synastry and comparisons (bi-wheel)      
Mid-points, Mid time-space      
Forecast calculations :      
Solar and Lunar return      
Major and minor planetary transits (x2)      
Progressed charts (3 directions x2)      
Progressed lunations (sec.dir. x2)      
Ingres and lunation      
Dates and times of transits (x2)      
Dates and directions periods (3x2)      
Database: + than 70.000 cities, + than 20.000 famous dates, up to 5.000 years ephemeris almost arc second accuracy
free updates      
Saving unlimited charts      
Multiperiodic Ephemeris tables      
Options and Settings: an infinite number of graphic possibilities that will also allow you to display or hide any element
Ascendant(s) or Aries left      
chart's colors & houses circle      
Tropical and Sidereal zodiac (7 references)      
11 aspects with orb settings      
Parameterization of special aspects      
Multi-preferences with individually paste      
Editions: PNG, JPG pictures and PDF graphics (high resolution). Recordable and unlimited multi-criteria preferences.
charts aspects and tables PNG/JPG      
PDF graphic chart reports      
Ephemeris of the day or a date (feast, lunations, births, events, etc.)     (extended search)
HTML reports (interactive)  AstroBasic only  AstroBasic only    
Interpretations Chart and list of dates : symbolism + interpretation texts of the astrologer Patrick Giani
Keywords, Sabian and symbolic Degrees      
Relations to the 7 Rays      
Listing of positions (editorial assistance)      
Keywords and symbolisms listing      
Natal chart 5 pages (AstroBasic)      
Natal chart 25 pages (AstroNatal)   options CLASSIC or DELUXE  
Karmic chart 30 pages (AstroKarmic)   option DELUXE Option AstroKarmic PRO
Major transits 30 p./year (AstroTransits)   options PLUS, CLASSIC or DELUXE  
Solar return 20 p./year (AstroSR)   options DELUXE + AstroRS  
Couple synastry 20 pages (AstroCouple)   options DELUXE + AstroCouple  
Communication tools
Multi-devices iPad Mac PC iPhone etc.      
Multiple windows      
Tables and longitudes aspects      
Import/export chart and preferences      
Browse by date and events (forecasts)      
Interpretations with interactive layouts      
Business license (paper or email)      
Loyalty Bonus: one or more free month when renewing your annual license!
one month free per year of seniority **      
Data available for free up to 2 years after the expiration of the license      
Annual licenses cheaper renewals guaranteed. Services included:
Software with NO installation 100% compatible      
Unlimited devices (Mac, PC, iOS etc.)      
Integrated and free updates      
Free email support      
CC online payment or bank transfer      
Price for 12 months license 19.99 € 94.99 € 499.99 €
Online order order order order
select your currency:
Trials licenses with refunds upon first order of 12 months or more license.
License for 1 month w Trial offer 3.99 € 15.99 € see PERSO version
online order order order  
Non-renewable trial offer:
refund upon first order of 12 months or more license.
 (whether 0€00)
 ask for refund
 (whether 8.00 €)
 ask for refund
Other licenses and optional supplements:
Trial licenses License of 1 month License of 1 month  
Extra economic licenses Licenses from 2 to 6 years
beyond 50% discount
Licenses from 2 to 6 years
beyond 50% discount
License of 2 years
beyond 30% discount
License expired for less than 2 years 24h free access 24h free access 24h free access
Options and interpretation modules   Natal, Synastry, Forecasts... AstroKarmic
Special discount for users of AstroQuick Mac BASIC 5 & upper versions   Offer limited to 31/12/15 MAC PRO 5.6
NB: Price drop guarantee !
No obligation to subscription or debit: you buy your license when you want and at anytime you can enjoy any promotions to extend it.
Your data is kept for at least two years after the license expires.
Upon renewal, you will automatically receive a loyalty bonus of one free month for each year of seniority.
* More discount as soon as you renew your first license. You get a free month or more when renewing your annual license at least 30 days before its expiration. You can also enjoy occasional promotions to extend your license at the best price. Your license can be extended at any time, each renewal automatically extends its duration and allows you to cumulate years of seniority.
** Your annual license is automatically extended by 30 days per year of seniority. 1 month free at the first renewal, 2 months free at the second, 3 months free on the third, and so on. To take advantage of this offer, you must renew your license at least 30 days before it expires.
Example of a yearly subscription that starts on January the 1st, 2010: by renewing your subscription at least one month prior expiration (i.e before December the 1st, 2010), you will automatically get a free month. Its validity will therefore be extended by 12+1 months, i.e until February the 1st, 2012. And so on...by renewing your third subscription before January the 1st, 2012, you will get two months for free and the subscription expiration will be then on April the 1st, 2013. After a 5-year subscription, you will get a total of 6+1 free months per subscription. After 11 years, your license is extended for another 12 months free.
NB: Seniority bonuses apply to license renewals of 12 months or more. The years of seniority are not carried over from one version to another, such as when passing the ECO of the PERSO version. If the license is not renewed at least 30 days before it's expiration, previous seniority bonuses are lost.
*** The licenses of more than one year are not divisible nor refundable, they remain redeemable only to a higher version.
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