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SR 2015
Leo Ascendant Gemini
we. 08/05/2015 @ 06h31
Washington DC, District Of Columbia Usa - lat. 38N54 - lon. 077W00
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - lat. 21N28 - lon. 157W51

Solar year of Barack 2015

SR 2015
Leo Ascendant Gemini
we. 08/05/2015 @ 06h31
Washington DC, District Of Columbia Usa - lat. 38N54 - lon. 077W00
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - lat. 21N28 - lon. 157W51


   A solar return is a chart calculated the year when the Sun comes back to the exact same position as the one of the birth chart (exact same time). We also call it "anniversary chart" because this particular time of the year generally gives us a preview of what the next solar year is going to be about (from a birth date to another the next year).
The astrological study of your solar return is based on a general analysis of the birth date and birth place sky chart but also on the analysis of its comparison with the birth sky chart (birth chart). This superimposition of both charts will give you more details in several areas such as your love life, your family, your professional life, your finances, your hobbies, etc.
The solar return is very important in the study of transits and will help you figure out in what areas the elements signified by the planetary transits will happen.
   We remind you that it is impossible for a computerized analysis, even detailed, to do what a professional astrologer could do. That's why some interpretations may sound contradictory or inappropriate to you. Consequently you should read this document over and over again all through the year in order to see the connection it has with elements of your life. Then you will definitely know what to focus on in your life in order to face any situation happening during your solar year.

    Have a good reading !

Solar Return chart 2015 (interactive)
we. 08/05/2015 @ 06h31
Washington DC, District Of Columbia Usa
latitude 38N54, longitude 077W00
SR 2015
Leo Ascendant Gemini
Chart of SR 2015
BIRTH CHART of Sr 2015 wed., 08/05/2015 6h31
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The solar return ascendant gives information about the annual atmosphere from a birthday to the one next year.
The sign of the annual ascendant is very important because it shows what we have done during the whole year (experiences, psychological consequences).

Ascendant Gemini
With a Solar Return Ascendant in Gemini, this year you are going to make many contacts around you, as much at work as in your personal life. You want to express yourself, to show how you feel, and in order to reach your goals you can use what the world is offering as any communication ways: phone, business meetings, internet and advertisement, writing (and you are good at that) and last but not least...speaking. You may have several things to do at once or start a year of studies. You will frequently be in contact with your brothers, sisters or neighbors.

The house (or sector) where the Solar Return Ascendant is determines how it is going to be connected to your life all year long.
Ascendant House 5
Annual ascendant in natal house V
You will focus on personal relationships, children, creativity. This usually proves (if there is no dissonant aspect) you will be happy in relationships all year long. So don't be afraid to open your heart because you also deserve to be happy! There might be a birth somewhere around you, or it might also be your own rebirth! Consequently if you are an artist, people may approve your talents. If it's in your natal may "play" a lot.
Ascendant Conjunction Venus
Ascendant in conjunction to natal Venus
You will focus on the way you love, the way you commit yourself in your relationships and especially with your partner, according to the aspects that connect it to other planets in the Solar Return. Your main focus is love. This cycle may also be about a salary raise or artistic skills you would have to develop.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Mercury
Your personality can easily match your individualism, and it will favor communication and understanding.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Venus
Your individualism matches the way you love and it will make communication and inner blossoming easier.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Jupiter
Your individualism can easily blossom if you are in a good and generous mood.

Ascendant in harmonic aspect to annual Uranus
Thanks to your relationships with other people you may easily express your individuality. They also enjoy your originality.

During a solar return, the Midheaven shows how, during a solar year, to build a social or professional growth (as much positive as negative) according to the transits. The sign in which the Midheaven is shows how skilled we are in order to reach our goals.

Midheaven Pisces
Midheaven in Pisces
You will have to focus your goals on the irrational, the subjective and spirituality. As long as you know how to handle your efforts, you may see your soul rising. You can study or elevate your soul in order to reach your goals. You can experience it in different ways: with meditation, prayer or therapy. This year you can also be in the pipeline, we just don't know which way to go. We may also visit prisoners or ill people, overall we may sacrifice ourselves for others.

The house the midheaven is in will show what kind of events we will go through.
Midheaven House 1
Midheaven in natal house I
In this situation, you can act all alone and decide for your future as long as transits allow it. If they do, you will be helped a lot. You work for your future and one day or another you will feel the good consequences of it. Issues connected to your future or to your professional situation will happen and you will have to face them.
Midheaven Conjunction South Lunar Node
Midheaven in conjunction to the natal South Node
You will have to learn a few lessons from the past (in this life but also the past lives) about your current social goals. You should get some help from a therapist.

Midheaven in conjunction to annual Neptune
This year your goals aren't well defined and it may keep you from climbing the social ladder. Try not to focus on tomorrow and to be careful...


Given that we focus on the solar return just as much as the zodiac in the natal chart to build an annual chart, the solar return Sun always keeps the same sign.
Its interpretation in houses will help us understand the part it plays in the solar year. Its aspects to other planets are also very important: dissonant aspects show how it may become weaker, harmonic aspects will show how much it can be improved all year long.

Sun House 3
Annual Sun in House III
This year your focus is on moving, making things happen and studying. The position of the Sun will make communication easy, just as much as travels and writings. They may involve a brother, a sister, a cousin or a close friend.

Sun in harmonic aspect to the annual Moon
You are stable and in harmony with your true self, you control your emotions and you are often in a good mood. That's why your health is also stable and you are very energetic. Your imagination will help you create.

Sun in harmonic aspect to Annual Uranus
You are nervous but original and that's the key to newness and adventure, surprises and travels. You will also meet original people and it will allow you to create something new. You can now express your creativity with no bounderies.

The position of the Moon is just as important as the Sun's in the natal chart and gives information about the way you express your sensitivity, your emotions and your attitude during the solar year.
Its aspects to other planets are also very important: they tell you about potential difficulties or good news you may go through all year long.
Moon Aries
Moon in Aries
You are very energetic, enterprising and also independent. You have many ideas and a lot of imagination, and this may arise you in bed. However you need to be careful with one night stands and arguments!
Moon House 11
Moon in House XI
The focus is on projects through the solar year and everyone knows you have much imagination. You will be concerned about your friend's problems. You may become even closer to a friend of yours. You may move out but other aspects have to confirm it.

Annual Moon in harmonic aspect to annual Mercury
You will make good business thanks to your intuition and your wit. You know how to communicate easily and how to show your ideas. Your imagination and intellect work wonders. Most ideas that come to your mind are brillant and positive. That's why you need to tell your family circle about them.

Annual Moon in harmonic aspect to annual Uranus
During this solar year you will entertain a lot, especially women. Moving out or working around your house can be your breath of fresh air. Also a positive change may come thanks to a baby (new born in the family or from a friend visiting).

Annual Moon in dissonant aspect to annual Pluto
This transit will bring back fears and hang ups connected to your childhood in your mind. In general you are just very worried. Those last few months you will get to learn how to control your emotions by stepping back from how you feel towards the past, and then by trying to find what made you so nervous, worried and delusional in the first place.

In a natal chart, the position of Mercury is more interesting in houses than in signs. Indeed since the planet doesn't go far from the Sun, they are often both either in the same sign or Mercury will be in the previous or the next sign.
Its position in houses gives us information about the way we should communicate and how to use our intellect all year long. Its aspects to other planets help us know about opportunities or difficulties we will have all year long.
Mercury House 3
Mercury in House III
Communication with people around you (brothers and sisters, neighbors or friends) is favoured. If you took a class recently, you will work or write assiduously, and if you are working in the trade field you may have to travel more often.
Mercury Conjunction Uranus
Mercury in conjunction to natal Uranus
You will focus on creativity or new things like computers, media, robotics, etc. But you may become more nervous.
Mercury Conjunction North Node
Mercury in conjunction to the natal North Node
It's time to grow, thanks to books, new contacts with young people or new friends who will remain as such forever.

Annual Mercury in harmonic aspect to annual Venus
You know how to make new contacts. Invitations and entertainments are frequent. Even your studies seem to be receiving positive vibes!

Annual Mercury in harmonic aspect to annual Jupiter
If other aspects confirm it, it will be a great year to make some business. You have some instinct and a lot of opportunities to succeed. You will have very interesting ideas without even thinking. As a matter of fact those ideas may involve your brother or a friend from back in the days.

Annual Mercury in dissonant aspect to annual Saturn
You feel the need to isolate yourself and that will make you sad and melancholy. This year you should revised your ideas and certainties in order to sort them out. You feel like you have to organize yourself better and to think before acting.

Annual Mercury in harmonic aspect to annual Uranus
You may learn new things if you accept to deal with new technologies (modern techniques, electronics, computers, internet). This year is favorable to make new friends and new contacts at work, especially if they are in a foreign country. You may also travel with a brother, a sister or a friend .

Just like Mercury, the position of Venus is more interesting in houses than in signs. Indeed Venus is often either in the same sign as the Sun, or in the previous or next sign.
Its position in houses gives us information about the way we love, the values and tastes we have all along the solar year. Finally its aspects to other planets give us details about trials and tribulations we may go through all year long.
Venus House 3
Venus in House III
This year is often favorable to relationships, but most of the time it's only flirt or no strings attached relationships. However you will go out a lot because everybody invites you!
Venus Conjunction Uranus
Venus in conjunction to natal Uranus
You may break up with your partner or meet someone else because you need freedom and independence. You feel like you can't fake, neither with yourself nor with others. But you may feel better through artistic creation.
Venus Conjunction North Node
Venus in conjunction to the natal North Node
You are about to find love. You need to go for it by letting go of everything you have experienced in the past. It's time you opened your heart. You may get some help through art or spirituality.

Annual Venus in harmonic aspects to annual Jupiter
People who love (partner, family or friends) you will give you more attention. You start having great feelings about music and art. You may also receive substancial help.

Annual Venus in dissonant aspects to annual Saturn
You may go through loneliness. You feel like no one likes you or that people don't appreciate you enough but actually you are the one responsible for this situation because you are a killjoy. However you will realize how deep your feelings are.

Annual Venus in harmonic aspects to annual Uranus
This solar year will bring something new to the way you love and you will renew your values. The source of your income may change or improve itself. It's an interesting phase for you. You will get to add more strings to your bow...

Annual Mars shows how you can use your physical energy, your initiative and fighting spirit during the solar year. Its aspects to other planets are also very important: dissonant aspects show how you will have to deal with obstacles, the harmonic aspects how you can overcome them.
Mars Cancer
Mars in Cancer
This year you will need to work at home or where you have always worked before. Activities such as catering, services or the baby industry are favored.
Mars House 2
Mars in House II
You feel like moving on to the next level at work or in your activities but it has to work out! Make sure you don't become a slave to it though and that you don't waste your money!
Mars Conjunction Mercury
Mars in conjunction to natal Mercury
You feel like doing new things, communicate and share your ideas. If you have a commercial activity, you will make good business. You may also work with your brother or a close friend.

Annual mars in harmonic aspect to annual Saturn
This year some very influential people as well as the administration may help you with your work. You feel healthy and efficient. You will feel the good consequences of the risks you took. An older person may teach you something that you will use for the rest of your life.

Annual Jupiter will show how much help and protection you can get. The possibilities of growth and opportunities you may get are detailed in the harmonic aspects, and dissonant aspects will give more information about restrictions and unfortune.
Jupiter Leo
Jupiter in Leo
This year you want to be in a good relationship but you also want to be lucky when you gamble. You will have more luck in arts, on stage or creating, especially when it comes to kids education.
Jupiter House 3
Jupiter in House III
This position of Jupiter favors contacts and writings. You are very enthusiastic, generous and optimistic even though deep inside you feel completely different.
Jupiter Sextile Venus
Jupiter in sextile to your natal Venus
During most of the solar year people will have much attention for you: your partner, your family and friends. You feel like pleasing , giving love and affection, and you get more into music and art. You may also be helped and protected.
Jupiter Conjunction Uranus
Jupiter in conjunction to natal Uranus
You will have new opportunities that will get things moving in your life. An unexpected event may change your life: traveling in a foreign country, moving to a foreign country or meeting someone very important to you, etc.
Jupiter Conjunction North Node
Jupiter in conjunction to the natal North Node
You will get to move on with your life. A guide, a protector or a mentor may show you the way and ease things for you. But don't abuse their generosity and show your gratitude.

Jupiter in dissonant aspect to annual Saturn
Although this aspect between two slow planets is for all the people who were born the same day that you were born , you may have some issues at work, that's why you shouldn't demand too much during this phase. Make sure you pay your bills and check your account on the regular (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).

Annual Saturn shows what aspects you have to work on, and the difficulties you will have all year long. It also shows you how to climb the social ladder, your relationship with hierarchy and administrations, time passing...
Saturn Scorpio
Saturn in Scorpio
During this period you may find another career even if it's hard. However you will positively question yourself because of the things you will go through.
Saturn House 6
Saturn in House VI
You will have to be serious in your activities, which will make you pretty tired and somewhat demoralized. If you feel you aren't happy with your job, maybe you need to change career, or you may become depressed or sick. Make sure you eat healthy food. The positive thing about it is that an older and wiser person will give you some help.
Saturn Conjunction Midheaven
Saturn in conjunction to the natal Midheaven
You will have to take on some responsibilities on the social plane. If you use your authority you will be strong and responsible even if you are afraid not to make it. Under harmonic aspects you will hit a peak in your career. You feel stronger and more responsible and it may help you climb the social ladder.
Saturn Opposition Moon
Saturn in opposition to your natal Moon
For the next couple of months the atmosphere may be tensed with your people, especially your partner and your co-workers. You feel like people judge you and criticize you. But actually you are so sensitive that this tension is going to turn itself against you. You need to get some rest and eat magnesium.
Saturn Trine Mercury
Saturn in trine to your natal Mercury
The phase will allow you to go deeper into your knowledge and wisdom. You will keep studying in order to climb the social ladder, or you will do some good business at work. It's easy for you to communicate your ideas. You decide to organize yourself better, to think before acting, especially as far as your finances, this way you may have a better relationship with the administration.
Saturn Sextile Mars
Saturn in sextile to your natal Mars
If you are serious and disciplined, you will get some help from very important people and the administration at work. An older and wiser person may also help you by teaching you something built to last.
Saturn Sextile Jupiter
Saturn in sextile to your natal Jupiter
If you are serious and disciplined, you may get some help and keep doing your thing. Law is on your side and a loan (or more) may be granted to you. That's why you will use the law, build your company and ask for the protection of administration and banks.
Saturn Sextile Saturn
Saturn in sextile to your natal Saturn
If you are serious and disciplined, you will get some help from administrations and banks and a piece of advice from your people, especially if they are older and wiser. Overall you can strengthen your basis...
Saturn Square Uranus
Saturn in square to your natal Uranus
Unexpected restrictions may be on your way, especially with administration and hierarchy, and it may keep you from moving on with your life. Nothing happens the way you wanted and no one seems to appreciate your originality. Saturn asks you to be patient...

Since this planet moves slowly (one zodiac sign every seven years), we don't give much importance to its position in signs and we will focus on its position in houses. We will do the same thing for Neptune and Pluto. For those three planets the interpretation of the aspects of natal planets are like a background for the transits and they can last up to two years. We have to put things into perspective though when it comes to the relevance of those interpretations. As for the past transits, it's best to minimize their interpretation that usually is a consequence of past events. However transits happening during the solar year are very important and will have a strong influence on the solar year.
If you have read the book "Astroquick Astral Forecast" you should now focus on matching transits with their exact dates (you can find them at the beginning of the paragraph).

Annual Uranus shows us how to upgrade some things in our lives, that's why we should expect some surprises and changes. It also shows how to be different from others and how to express our originality.
Uranus House 11
Uranus in House XI
You want more freedom and newness at work. You may meet new friends and let go of the ones you already have. With harmonic aspects you can start a group or a team in order to find a new direction.
Uranus Trine Sun
Uranus in trine to your natal Sun
You will open up yourself to a new group of people who will match more your personality. People come to you and communication is easy. You will meet original and independent people and most of the time you will develop something new.The creator in you will make you different from others and you will be able to express your originality without holding it back. Travels will be favored and you will accept the most unexpected changes because they will make you grow.
Uranus Sextile Ascendant
Uranus in sextile to your Ascendant
You are willing to change the way you are with your partner or your associates by being more talkative and by favoring communication and harmony. There are new things in your life and everybody can enjoy it!
Uranus Square Saturn
Uranus in square to your natal Saturn
You will have to reconsider your social position. Your authority may be questioned and your knowledge criticized; unexpected events may stop or change your social growth. But the positive thing about it is that you will know if this path you chose is the right one for you, and if it's will just have to change it again.
Uranus Trine Uranus
Uranus in trine to your natal Uranus
You are looking for your inner self by stepping away from your family and friends (in a good way). Deep inside you know what you want and you need to follow your instinct. That's why you naturally express your singularity and question what's established in order to innovate. People follow you, listen to you and your entourage matches what you work for and your original ideas.

Uranus in dissonant aspect to annual Pluto
Even though this global aspect involves thousands of people this year, you will unconsciously need to rebel against authority and constraints and this may put you in extreme situations sometimes. You need to rely on concrete matters (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).

The Annual Neptune shows when you have to be careful in order to keep improving yourself and to stop dealing with uncertainties and illusions. Depending on the aspects, it will tell you if you are on the right direction or not and how to follow the right path with more spirituality and clarity.
Neptune House 10
Neptune in House X
This year you won't always be realistic as far as your goals and social aspirations. You want to focus your mind on a career that matches your aspirations but you have no idea how to get started.
Neptune Square Moon
Neptune in square to your natal Moon
You are frequently delusional and if you don't stay focused, you might make a lot of mistakes, forget a lot of things and be wrong about a person (especially if it's a woman). Make sure you don't become addicted to alcohol or drugs but also platonic or virtual relationships. With harmonic aspects, you will be inspired and in total harmony with nature.
Neptune Trine Venus
Neptune in trine to your natal Venus
You may fall in love with someone who could be your ideal and live amazing moments with this person. As far as finances this period is pretty satisfying, you won't have to worry a lot because you have no major problems with money. If you're an artist this will be a very productive phase.

Neptune in harmonic aspect to annual Pluto
Even though this global aspect involves thousands of people this year, you will become much more spiritual and it will positively influence your life in many ways (you should check in what houses those two planets are in order to know more about this annual aspect).

Annual Pluto will make you focus on what you want to surpass yourself for, only if you decide to let go of the past and of your subconscious. It also shows the transformation and crisis you will go through in order to move on with your life.
Pluto House 7
Pluto in House VII
Your partner will be at the crossroads. You will have to change the relationship you have with other people by making sure they don't involve you in their problems.
Pluto Conjunction Saturn
Pluto in conjunction to natal Saturn
You feel like everything you had built or studied until now could be destroyed. It's best to accept your responsibilities with the seriousness you always had in order to make business. More than ever you need to be lucid.

House 2 House 3 House 5 House 6
Most of the time the annual ascendant changes sign, the twelve houses of the solar Return will change their superimposition with the twelve houses of the natal chart through the years.
Given that the interactions between those houses are numerous, they can be interpreted differently. Don't take what you will read in the next four paragraphs literally. However it may confirm or contradict what you had read in the previous paragraphs and may also give you an extra information.
House 2 House 5
House II in natal house V (and House VIII in natal house XI)
This year you will probably spend a lot for games or love if you're in a relationship. This might involve you and your children. You may also use your artistic and educational skills. Changes in friendships are possible: distance, arguments, and even death, but other aspects have to confirm it.
House 3 House 6
House III in natal house VI (and House IX in natal house XII)
Those superimpositions are about your relationship with people at work or at home: travels, professional initiatives or writing. But you tend to forget about your personal and spiritual life: you have no time for it, that's why you should slow down and take the time to rest and focus.
House 5 House 8
House V in natal house VIII (and House XI in natal house II)
This superimposition shows how you can go through a relationship and how many problems they can bring sometimes. That's why, if it's confirmed by other aspects, it might be the end of a relationship, because you break up or because your partner passed away. You may also financially speculate, you need to plan ahead as far as the money you need for the future. Some of your friends may help you pay your dues and ask other people to find you a job, etc.
House 6 House 9
House VI in natal house IX (and House XII in natal house III)
Your job may be connected to a foreign country. You may try to blossom thanks to sports and the mountain in order to breathe some fresh air. One of your family members can be sick or hospitalized and you can have secrets with them. You may also meet someone secretly.

Birth chart of Barack
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
latitude 21N28, longitude 157W51
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
Chart of Barack tableau des aspects AstroQuick Web
Aspectarian Sr 2015 with Barack
47 22 37 *7 144 150 134 72
69 41 40 168 163 13 24
45 104 73 154 78 160 138
13 82 23 54 27 155 150 73 *12
16 *85 26 24 152 147 70 *9
160 15 *54 26 28 101 39
169 16 *85 26 24 152 147 70 *8
80 106 146 20 81
43 102 71 152 80 162 136
21 153 143 167 38 44 166
34 151 140 161 168 111 17 138
to display degrees and informations, fly over the table with the mouse.
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SR 2015
Leo Ascendant Gemini
we. 08/05/2015 @ 06h31
Washington DC, District Of Columbia Usa - lat. 38N54 - lon. 077W00
Leo Ascendant Aquarius
sa. 08/04/1961 @ 19h24
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - lat. 21N28 - lon. 157W51

     This is the end of the analysis and we hope it will positively guide you through the whole solar year. We invite you to work on it along with the study of transits in order to have a better and more precise idea of what your astral climate is going to be like.

This analysis was written by French astrologer Patrick Giani, writer of books such as: "Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits", "Astrologie karmique: principes de base et pratique" and "Les trois dimensions de votre thème astral".
The English translation was made by Loic Janin.
The astrological analysis was made by astrologer and engineer , creator of AstroQuick astrology software and web site.

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