Brad Pitt
wednesday, December 18, 1963 6h31 (12h31 UT, D.UT = -6h00m)
Shawnee - Oklahoma USA (lat.35N20 lon.096W58)

    The following analysis doesn't have the pretention of giving a full definition of your personality tendencies because a book wouldn't be enough to explain all of it.
It simply gives you an explanation of the main qualities and flaws of your personality.
This analysis is made by computer and takes into account several astronomical settings: each planet of your Birth Chart is analyzed according to its position in sign and house. We also add ascendants and major aspects (angle connections between planets) in this analysis.
Even though those texts have been written very carefully, this analysis has nothing to have with a real consultation or an analysis made by a professional astrologer.
The Birth Chart gives you an infinite number of possible combinations. As a result, it's absolutely impossible that a computer analysis, even complete, gives you a better astrological summary that is of course unique and specific. That's why only a very skilled and experienced astrologer will be able to interpret your Birth Chart and to guide you through a better knowledge of who you truly are. This astrologer will also be able to give you a piece of advice on how to control your destiny.
That's why it's best to analyse the following study carefully and to be able to read between the lines.
Seat down comfortably, read this study and let your spirit fly.

Enjoy your reading !
interactive chart
we. 12/18/1963 @ 06h31
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA
latitude 35N20, longitude 096W58
Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius
Chart of Brad Pitt
BIRTH CHART of Brad Pitt wed., 12/18/1963 6h31
to display degrees and symbolism, fly over the chart with the mouse.
Sagittarius Sagittarius
Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius
With your ascendant in the same sign as the Sun, you will be hyperactive. You are also an extrovert and it's hard for you to focus. You'd rather throw yourself into things without thinking them through. Luckily you give enough importance to the atmosphere and opinions, that's why you won't always get trapped. But since you are rarely receptive to people's piece of advice...eventually you will fall. You are very sociable but depressed with an attraction to extreme behaviours. Sagittarians ascendant Sagittarius are physically good-looking, they are strong, tanned and slender. As a matter of fact sports are highly recommended because you constantly need to be mobile!

On the chart the Sun is represented by a circle with a spot in the middle. It is connected to your ambition, your energy and your personal creativity. It brings out your charisma around people as well as your authority and behaviour in society.
Sun Sagittarius
Do you know your sign well ?
Sagittarius is a Fire sign, just like Leo and Aries, that's why they are so energetic and enthusiastic. The fire is deeper in Sagittarius: it's the fire of faith. Indeed Sagittarians will experience a rebirth after the deep questioning of Scorpios prevously in the zodiac. The picture of the sign is quite eloquent (a centaur): a man coming out of his animal state (Scorpio) brandishing a bow towards the sky (new ideals). Their planet is Jupiter, representation of enthusiasm and expansion. Getting beyond your instincts is your main priority. The personality of your sign is made of high goals, enthusiasm, independence, long trips and freedom. You trust in your destiny and you can deal with anything in your life as long as there's a goal for you. That's why you spend your energy through adventures and new purposes. You try to rediscover the world through travelings and a philosophical and spiritual quest. You are thoughtful and philosophical, you also know how to be authoritarian without looking for power. In your professional life you'd rather be involved in a liberal career. You have big plans but most of the time they are unrealizable. You are quite diplomatic but you sometimes lack objectivity and you are a little reactionary. As for your love life, you are protective and faithful despite your need for adventure and freedom. You like the idea of conquest by testing your partner with your strong charisma. However you are faithful...well, your heart is! As for your health, your thighs, liver and sciatic nerve will be fragile. Consequently, make sure you avoid meals with a lot of sauce, as a matter of fact you should be on a diet every once in a while. What people like about you is your natural happy-go-lucky attitude, your faithfulness and your dynamism.
Houses and aspects :
Your Sun - and every planet of your birth chart - is located in a zodiac sign but also somewhere in the chart that we call a house. Just like the sign, the house gives a certain definition of the birth Sun. The following interpretation is about the position of your Sun in Houses. The same will happen for each and every planet of your birth chart. As a matter of fact you will realize that each aspect is connected to a part of your personality. If you realize that some interpretations have nothing to do with you, it's probably because you got over them thanks to the education you received, your social background, or even your personal evolution.
Your Sun in house I
In general this position shows a strong personality, even though you might also be self-centred. You can take control of your destiny, impose your personal magnetism, show your abilities efficiently or fulfill yourself on your own. Basically you know how to show off. People may recognize your talent thanks to your personal magnetism (make sure you don't develop your ego too much). You have a good energy.

Sun Square Midheaven
Your personality doesn't always match your social goals. That's why it is hard for you to improve yourself in whatever domain you chose. You need to be more humble...


On the chart the Moon is represented by a crescent, symbol of the fast phases in its cycle. It is connected to our emotions, our sensitivity and our mood (as a matter of fact most of the time our bad mood won't last too long). It's also connected to our imagination and dreams.
On a psychological plane, the Moon is connected to Mothers and in general to the relationships we have with women. We idealize them and our psyche makes sure it won't be questioned, especially when it comes to serious matters. That's why you may be shocked by some of the interpretations of the aspects received by your Moon. Just try to see if you clearly understand everything.
Moon Capricorn
"Moon in Capricorn".
You are reasonable, reserved, sometimes shy or melancholy. Actually your reason usually takes over your emotions and you keep controlling your feelings. You are rather unsociable, you will only give when you are very confident. You are also patient, careful and consistent. You enjoy activities in which you can use your precision. You usually get away from drama because you know how to anticipate. You believe in traditions, you enjoy collecting old rocks, things that last. In order to stay balanced, you need to express your imagination. On a psychological plane, you see your mother as someone who is receptive but a bit cold.

Your Moon in house II
You are fond of food, sensual, family-oriented. You may have a steady clientele but your situation is rather unstable because you never make the same amount of money. This position shows the importance of your family and especially your mother in your budget. If you channel it well, your sensitivity will help you make more money or develop an attraction for environment and nature. You need to use your skills as a decorator or as a chef.

Moon Trine Midheaven
Your sensitivity is perfectly matching your social goals. That's why it is not too hard for you to guide or influence your co-workers without taking too many risks. You are very focused as much in your love partnership as in your friendships!

Moon Conjunction Mercury
Moon Conjunction Mercury
You are superficial, unstable and undecisive, that's why you don't have a lot of imagination. You will have a hard time organizing yourself and your life. You bump into things or lose important mail. You may shock people with your harshness and your lack of tact. You may think a lot and daydream too because you are pretty anxious. Sometimes you will disagree with your mother's ideas or it will just be hard for you to communicate with her. You need to be true to yourself and to tone down your remarks!

Moon Conjunction Venus
Moon Conjunction Venus
Your feelings will depend on the nature of your emotions, that's why you will love the people who move you deeply. You are sweet and loving, you always put feelings and good mood first in your relationships with others. You like nice things, music...and it may take you on an artistic path. Your house is very cosy, with a lot of colors and decorations. You have received so much love from your mother and you also love kids, especially babies. You dream of a life full of joy and love and you would like to give as much as you receive. Your friendships (especially with women) are sincere and deep.


The planet Mercury is represented on your chart by a crescent above a circle and a cross. It is connected to your intellect and your abilities to communicate. It is also connected to your nervous system and your ability to think.'s all about the mental state.
Mercury Capricorn
Natal Mercury in Capricorn
You are a thinker, very shrewd and diplomatic, you will enjoy going to school and being involved in research. Your pragmatic, realistic and methodical intellect will lead you on the path of economics, architecture and accountancy, however you will need time to understand everything. Besides it's not easy for you to communicate, especially when it comes to write. You are sort of cold and distant in your relationships and you tend to hold grudges and to be pessimistic. However people appreciate your sense of justice, your integrity and your ambition.

Your Mercury house II
You may make a lot of money in areas such as communication, writing or trade thanks to your talent in business. Your intelligence is practical and focused on your interests and your personal comfort. You have skills when it comes to business and financial deals. But you also tend to be very unstable and to lose a lot of money. But you are intellectually fertile and you enjoy nice books and expensive things.

Mercury Conjunction Venus
Mercury Conjunction Venus
Communication and harmony are crucial in the relationships you have, you love your friends, sometimes just as much as the person who shares your life. As a matter of fact you ask your partner to be the love of your life but also your confident and best friend. You are always in a good mood, sociable and you know how to convince, that's why people usually trust you, especially young people, and you get along well with your neighbors. You will travel a lot for work and will get to meet nice people. You may fall in love with someone you have sent letters to.

Mercury Conjunction Mars
Mercury Conjunction Mars
Since your spirit is practical, quick and strong you will act quickly and will enjoy activities in which you have to use your energy. However you are often aggressive, you criticize a lot, you are ironic and you don't think things through. You are slick and energetic but you tend to exagerate and to swear a lot. You need to relax more often and to practice a physical activity.

Mercury Square Jupiter
Mercury Square Jupiter
Things aren't always clear in your mind, you tend to memorize each and every thought, that's why it's hard for you to focus on your business or just your activities, especially when you were younger. You have a hard time committing and keeping your promises. But if you become more lucid, you should try to trust people and to be more generous and might be surprised with the results...

Mercury Trine Uranus
Mercury Trine Uranus
You are creative, original and your ideas are unique.You usually give your friendship with spontaneity and people around you appreciate that, especially if you work in the fields of business and communication. You enjoy exotic books and original stories. As a matter of fact you will travel a lot and it will enrich your mind because you always become very close to people there.

Mercury Sextile Neptune
Mercury Sextile Neptune
Most of your ideas are connected to strong ideals. You believe in the power of words, pictures and thoughts and you also strongly believe that the spirit is creative. That's why you are so inspired and such a poet full of romanticism. You enjoy sailing and you are interested in history and myths.

Mercury Trine Pluto
Mercury Trine Pluto
Most of your ideas are connected to your subconscious, that's why you can read people like open books. You are interested in psychology, neurology, criminology or even archeology (everything that's invisible or hidden) and it will give you a strong instinct. As a matter of fact you can use it to make financial business.


The planet Venus is represented on the chart by a circle above a cross. Venus is connected to the way you love and how you handle your relationships. It's also connected to your tastes, your personal values and how you handle your money.
Venus Capricorn
Your natal Venus in Capricorn
Your reputation and integrity are very important in your life, you will only commit to a relationship when you know for sure you can trust your partner. That's why you usually are reserved and don't show any emotions. You never really experienced passion because you don't want to be hurt. Keeping your feelings to yourself may lead you to loneliness, celibacy or a late marriage only based on reason. However even though you are silent, when you do it for real. You might be attracted to mature or older people. You might be melancholy because of your introverted and disciplined sensitivity. But you need to know that repressing your feelings may lead you to loneliness. What your partners like about you is your consistency, your discreet charisma hiding a very strong sexual drive and your faithfulness. What you like about your partners is their reassuring social position, their strong mind and their wisdom. On both spiritual and karmic planes, the main lesson to learn is honesty, thanks to communication, dialogue and good mood in your relationship.

Your Venus in house II
This position of Venus will create an emotional connection between love and money. You will get to buy a lot thanks to the way you deal with money but be careful because you may lose a lot too! As a matter of fact you will get to have a financial stable life and in case you need some money, you will always have someone to help you with that. You tend to be a little too possessive with your partners though. You need to own beautiful things: furnitures, works of art, jewelry, etc. Your artistic skills will help you make a lot of money through arts, decoration or a job connected to beauty or fashion. But be careful because sometimes this position of Venus may make you lazy.

Venus Trine Midheaven Your sentimental life perfectly matches your social goals. That's why it is pretty easy for you to make that money. Whether it is with your partner or with your friends...they all appreciate you!


The planet Mars is represented on the chart by an arrow coming out of a circle. It's the symbol of masculine energy, virility and action. Mars is connected to your power of action, your personal initiatives and your energy. It's also connected to your fighting spirit (or aggressiveness sometimes) and to your ability to overcome any obstacles.
Mars Capricorn
Your Natal Mars in Capricorn
You are firm, hard as a rock. You never change your mind and know how to make good business, you have a pretty successful professional life. However your co-workers may complain about your toughness, your coldness and the distance you put with most people. But you are strong, that's why you may be the perfect candidate for any association because you have a strong sense of responsibilities. On a sexual plane, desire is connected to time. You'd rather organize a weekend gateway and provide everything you need for you not to leave the room. Sometimes you need your partner to be more active.

Your natal Mars in house I
Even though you might be aggressive and angry at times, you enjoy making decisions like pioneers used to do. You are masculine, nervous and athletic with a deep and honest look in your eyes, you are also very energetic and active. You are pretty straightforward, impulsive and sometimes violent, you are driven by your desires and usually make things happen. You should not stay inactive, this is not the kind of life you need.
Mars Square Jupiter
Mars Square Jupiter
You often lack self-control and you are impulsive. You always need to get what you want, that's why sometimes you use radical and excessive methods. You tend to be pretty arrogant and aggressive in your jugdments but also very careless and conflicting. Make sure you don't spend too much money and that you aren't too excessive in your actions.
Mars Trine Uranus
Mars Trine Uranus
You are impulsive, rebellious and very energetic. You have skills when it comes to creating things and bold initiatives, that's why you may be productive within a team. You are also progressist and futuristic in your activities and you climb the social ladder pretty fast.
Mars Trine Pluto
Mars Trine Pluto
You are full of charisma and energy as well as ambition and courage. You have a strong power when it comes to working hard, that's why there are big things in store for you, you will be into jobs in which you can use your strength and your instinct in order to overcome anything in your life.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It looks like a big four and two intertwined. It represents your potential of growth and luck. It is connected to your enthusiasm, your ability to express joy and to see things in a positive way. However with Jupiter you may become excessive in many aspects of your life.
Jupiter Aries
Your natal Jupiter in Aries
You are joyful and fun to be around, optimistic and straightforward, that's why sometimes it might shock your entourage. But when people know you well, they know there is not an ounce of meanness in whatever you say. Even though you are a sincere person, it's hard for you to control your moodiness and anger. You have much ambition and energy even though you sometimes tend to exagerate. You are pretty efficient in your activities and you are very enthusiastic about new projects and new beginnings in general.

Your Jupiter in house IV
You will have opportunities in real estate through luck or protection coming from your family. You have so much charisma at home, you enjoy the comfort of your house and you entertain people a lot in it. You are happy to have your family and friends around you. You have a strong imagination, mostly oriented towards laughter and joy. Thanks to this position of Jupiter you may increase your family heritage and you may also climb the social ladder but only at the end of your life.

Jupiter Trine Ascendant The particularities of your ascendant are perfectly matching the way you want to live your life. That's why it is pretty easy for you to see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty...

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus
Jupiter Quincunx Uranus
You will get to open up to others thanks to the enthusiasm in you. That's why you need to combine your demands with your deep independence. But you are altruistic, you have skills when it comes to psychology, philosophy and...astrology!


Saturn is different from all the other planets because it has rings. This planet is represented on the chart by a cross whose lower part looks like a big comma. It is connected to restrictions, blockages and limits, but also to a certain access to knowledge and a social elevation. Finally it is connected to your inner wisdom and your need for personal effort.
Saturn Aquarius
Your Saturn in Aquarius
If you want to climb the social ladder, you will need to fight for a cause and to share your knowledge. You are serious and into modern techniques, that's why you will study a lot and become interested into social matters. You will become friends with many elders who have knowledge in human sciences, new technologies and futurism because it gives you even more knowledge.

Your Saturn in house II
It's hard for you to make a living. No matter how much you make, you remain frustrated and unsatisfied. That's probably why you start saving money and become a bit stingy. You may finally climb the social ladder thanks to a hard work because you want to build new things. You have a hard time trusting people when it comes to personal relationships, that's why you may be sexually frustrated.

Saturn Square Neptune
Saturn Square Neptune
People who were born this year all have an inferiority complex, probably because of the education they received and especially because of their fathers who were usually mysterious or absent. That's why you may not take on your responsibilities and you tend to be depressed, utopian and even excessive when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Persecution, lack of confidence and passiveness may play tricks on you. Make sure you separate in your psyche your ideas from your social life because they don't match well in your daily life.

Because they are so slow, the planets that gravitate around Saturn are immediately connected to your "people" which means that they deal with your family and friends. That's why the following interpretations of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren't especially all about you but more about your generation.

Uranus turns around the whole Zodiac in 84 years and describes what makes you so different from others, your originality and particularities. It is represented on the chart by an upside down Venus surrounded by two arcs of a circle. It is connected to your intuitions and your futuristic ideas.
Uranus Virgo
Your Uranus is in Virgo
You are creative and slick, you can take care of everything in your life and you are very practical-minded. You enjoy mecanical work and modern techniques such as computering, laser, computer telephone integration, etc. Thanks to your creativity, you will get to improve those fields. You are intuitive and meticulous when it comes to making business and it will bring success into your life. You will get to choose your associates thanks to your strong psychological intuition. And if you ever get sick, you will get to heal faster thanks to modern techniques.

Uranus R
Uranus retrograde
This is not a pejorative word; it simply means that this planet looked like it was stepping back in the zodiac when you were born. You are rebellious. Conventions and rules irritate you a lot. However you don't show it because you know your entourage would not understand why you act like that. Actually you are a precursor, you have many ideas and want to help your family with it. Those ideas aren't conventional but can improve the lives of your family members. You need to learn how to separate yourself from the crowd, how to be an individual, how to show your difference. Even though your family does not understand, even though you stay alone sometimes, you know how to reach your goals and you do it. On a karmic plane, this particularity of Uranus shows that in your recent lives you have already experienced this individuality. You have to be ambitious thanks to your need for freedom and your altruism. If in your past lives you used and abused your freedom and free will, in this life you need to understand the difference between anti-conformism and non conformism. If non conformism makes you one of a kind, anti-conformism is more reactionnary and favourable to conflicts. By working on those uranian energies, you can show your individuality in a constructive way and how great your ideas are. That's when you will use your mentality in a judicious way.

Your Uranus in house IX
You travel a lot or you live in a foreign country. You may have issues and problems in the same foreign country (according to aspects). You usually tend to disagree with people and to get away from any religion or belief. This position usually brings a change of your lifestyle when you grow older.

Uranus Square Ascendant The particularities of your ascendant don't always match your eccentricity. That's why it's hard for you to be accepted by others. Make sure you put yourself in their shoes sometimes...

Uranus Conjunction Pluto
Uranus Conjunction Pluto
Your generation and childhood were marked by social chaos and a strong material spirit. That's why you are both rebellious and materialistic at once, tormented and intolerant. However you will have a strong charisma and skills for occult sciences and you need to develop them in an altruistic way.


Neptune is a small planet. It is very far from the Sun (turns around it in about 165 years). It is represented on your chart by a trident. It is connected to your expectations, your personal faith, your vision of the universe but also to your dreams and illusions.
Neptune Scorpio
Your Neptune is in Scorpio
In your generation sex, money and occult sciences are very important. You have grown up around it. Around such an insane society, unemployment at its highest pick, people trying to survive. You dream of a better future in which you can fully express your desires and dreams with no issues as far as money. The nineties are like a wake up call for you: you need to build this perfect world actively on your own. You may help others thanks to your sense of financial reality, your instinct and your perspicacity only if you don't expect anything at all in return. The same aspect will give you skills in research, psychoanalysis, magnetism, only if you know how and when to use it.

Your Neptune in house XI
You highly believe in friendship, you almost idealize it, that's why people may step on you and you might be very delusional. In general your projects are unreal and not well organized. However you may be a spiritual link within a team or a group. You should surround yourself with sincere friends even though there will never be a lot of them.

Neptune Sextile Pluto
Neptune Sextile Pluto
You are part of those men and women (no matter what their signs are) who have in their chart the sextile Neptune-Pluto of the twentieth century, which means there is a combination of subconscious and instinct with faith. Thanks to this aspect we have been able to avoid a third World War since 1945. The rebirth of the divine aspect in us is very positive. Our generations helped a lot and you are part of it.


Represented on your chart by an upside down Venus topped by some sort of cup, Pluto is the last planet of the Solar System and turns around the Sun in 248 years. It is connected to your subconscious and your primitive instinct but also to your potential of change and your charisma. Finally it is connected to your instinct, your fears, your phobias and your fantasies.
Pluto Virgo
Your Pluto is in Virgo
Your generation has been through subconscious mental troubles (people discouraged by the level of studies and fear of commitment in their professional life). You are just as involved in the unemployment issue as anyone else is, however you will be able to survive and find new concepts at work. But the good thing about this generation is that it will play a big part in the change of the structures of the social system. You are anxious about your place in the society of nowadays because you are trying to find ways to improve your daily life.

Pluto R
Pluto retrograde
This is not a pejorative word; it simply means that this planet looked like it was stepping back in the zodiac when you were born. With retrograde Pluto in the natal or becoming retrograde, consequences of this retrogradation will be on your instincts. However since Pluto is retrograde in more than a third of the birth charts of this planet, we have to consider it in a context of generation. During this life you will have to experience again some inner urges that come from back in your past lives. Human beings have a hard time letting go of their animal instinct, they will need several lives to let go of it and get closer to something more divine. That's why the karma of someone having Pluto retrograde will have to go through a purification of the energies. By working on those plutonian energies, you can turn those inner urges into esoteric motivations like research, introspection or psychotherapy. That's when inner urges will be less strong and your worries may even leave you alone.

Your Pluto in house IX
You lack self-confidence because you constantly question your ideals and faith with your doubts and fears. You may get bored while on a work trip or even if you live in a foreign country, that's why you may also become xenophobic. In dissonance you may fail a lot while trying to build something strong and it will be traumatizing for you. But in harmony, you may find some interest into the origin of religions and dogmas through your personal research (make sure Pluto is also in another aspect to other planets).

Pluto Square Ascendant The particularities of your ascendant don't always match your manipulative and tough personality. That's why you will have some issues with your partner. You need to let go of your ego in order to get more in touch with your soul...


In order to consider the "karmic aspects" of your birth chart, it's best to believe in the notion of reincarnation with the concept of successive lives. But if you are sceptical, you have to understand the reading of what's going to follow up will be on different levels. Nothing keeps you from considering that memories of your past lives are included in family genes. If you believe in karma (the connection between actions from your past lives and your current life), you will find in this study some elements that will give you some answers as for your personal growth. You may understand some things about the reason of your incarnation, the energies you have to work on in order to evolve and the main "flaws" of your karma.

NNB: the following documents are to be put back in the context of the whole birth chart.

Lunar North Node
Lunar North Node Cancer
Global meaning of the North Node in Cancer
In your past lives you used to be a leader and you had a lot of ambition but you were very cold and distant. Despite a lack on sensitivity, you were dealing with your responsibilities because you were mature and lucid. You remember this unconscious feeling that you were privileged, and sometimes people can see it now in your conceited and autoritarian behaviour. In your recent lives, you were probably pretty high in the social ladder. That's why you unconsciously remember how prestigious your life was. When you were a kid you were asking for a lot of attention from your family that had to deal with your authority. Sometimes you can get sick for not giving up on your opinion and it shows how much you victimize yourself! Yet even though you enjoy it when people feel sorry for you, you can't do the same for them because this social hierarchy in you won't really go away. Around the age of 18 you were ready to climb the social ladder thinking you would open any doors just because of who you are. Yet you have seen the reality of your destiny with family responsibilities, children custody or lack of maturity.
You came into this life to take care of others (especially your family) and not to climb the social ladder. What matters the most is your family and your home. You can develop your sensitivity and devotion to your entourage. You may fulfil your dreams thanks to your tenderness and humbleness. Stay simple, funny, popular and creative and you will find the stability you were looking for. It's best not to think you are always right even though it's hard for you to admit it. Make sure you apologize when you are wrong. Learn how to give joy to others and you will see how good it feels. However don't believe you can be a one is! Make sure you stop thinking you can control everything around you. This might make you a little too insensitive. Be funny, caring and generous with the ones you love and protect your life with care and determination.

The position in house of the upcoming North Node gives details about the evolution of what's just been said and the way you can deal with this evolution.
With the North Node in House VII you will fulfil your dreams thanks to someone or with someone. You will have to work on sharing more in your relationship. You will also have to let go of your ego and independence. That's why you have to find a balance between the expression of your personality and the acceptance of people's desires. You need to learn how to put things into perspective as far as your personal action and to be funny. You will often realize that freedom ends where someone else's begins.

Saturn Opposition Pluto
Mercury conjunction South Node
This aspects usually shows a strong intelligence. But what you also have kept from your past lives is a tendency to keep everything inside which probably kept you away from most people when you were young. However you have a lot of skills in the science or literature fields and the sooner you show them the better it will get for you.

Saturn Opposition Pluto
Mars conjunction South Node
This aspect often shows that in your most recent lives you were pretty aggressive. As a consequence the first part of your life may go through those tendencies. You may also have been a man in your last incarnation if you are a woman in this one and all the problems it brings. But no matter need to stop being angry because consequences of it may be bad for you.

Saturn Square Pluto
Jupiter square Lunar Nodes
With this dissonant aspect you may have felt like you could not save enough money and deal with your household. In this life you need to learn how to deal with your bank account and stop spending so much money because you won't be able to rely on pure luck.

Saturn Sextile Pluto
Uranus sextile North Node
Thanks to this harmonic aspect, you may get some help from very important people in order to surprise your family with your creativity in the area connected to your natal Uranus.

Saturn Trine Pluto
Neptune trigone North Node
Thanks to this harmonic aspect, very important people may help you surprise your family thanks to your religious, mystical, artistic or idealistic spirit, in the area connected to your natal Neptune.

Saturn Sextile Pluto
Pluto sextile North Node
Thanks to this harmonic aspect very important people will help you use your magnetism and your esoteric knowledge in the area connected to your natal Pluto.

Black Moon

The Black Moon usually represents a karmic "debt". This word "debt" should not be understood as something we owe but more as a bank debit. In each and every incarnations (that people in India call Akasha), we have a personal debit, credit and balance account according to the nature of our actions and thoughts from our past lives. Even though the Black Moon is mostly part of the debit account, we can also transcend it and use it for our subconscious abilities., That's why even though some sentences shock you, they will be okay in your psyche. If you think they don't apply to you, it's probably because you have transcended those tendencies thanks to your personal work.
Black Moon Scorpio
Your Black Moon is in Scorpio
General meaning: need for strong sensations, to transcend yourself by overcoming your fears. Rebellious against society, what's logical. Sexually perverted, always looking for pleasure or on the opposite repression of your sexual urges; you try to transcend your instincts with religion and intellect. With dissonant aspects the karmic past may reveal one or several incarnations of obsessions: sex, money or esotericism. You may owe someone some money or may have been involved in a case of sexual harassment. You are frequently overcome by unconscious urges and you may be very anxious. You are obsessed with sex, money and death. You are very demanding and are rarely satisfied because you are too perfectionist. You may argue a lot with people because you are rebellious and aggressive. You may become paranoid because you think your family talks behind your back and steal some money from you. You can transcend those tendencies by studying the unconscious and in research. You would become more lucid. You are also able to make people change because you know exactly what they are about. You may also transcend this need for money but you will have to be even more lucid. If you manage to control the trouble the Black Moon brings, you may have some interest for sexology or psychoanalysis and you may try to prove yourself you can resist by investing a lot of money. Possible consequences of the Black Moon over your sexual life: You may go through very dark phases where you may express your libido in each and every way possible. Your fantasies are connected to the magnetism of the night: perverted desires run through your mind, looking for complex situations, sometimes close to sado-masochism. You feel so good when you are in touch with your animal instinct. It's a way for you to restore yourself.
The position in house of the Black Moon that follows up will help you realize what had a great impact on your subconscious in your life:

Your Black Moon is in house XII
You might have been hurt in a past life as a religious person, that's why you are on a mystical quest. You unconsciously need to transcend reality through esoterism or religion, social devotion or access to parallel worlds. You may have redemption by working in the medical field.

Part of fortune

The part of Fortune is the result of the convergence of three main aspects of your chart: your Sun (your sign), your Ascendant and your Moon. That's why it gives you an idea about your attitude but also about your abilities to fulfil yourself. And if there's fortune in your life, it will be about your happiness and self-satisfaction. Of course if you don't do anything to improve your destiny, fortune won't give you all its power. But if you take care of yourself and your destiny, then you will be fortunate.
Part of fortune Capricorn
In Capricorn, you can fulfil yourself through strictness and you may find happiness in loneliness and stillness. It also opens you up to another social dimension by focusing on your responsibilities towards your contemporaries. Amongst personalities who have Fortune in this sign, there is John Kennedy, Nasser, Dr Schweitzer, Guynemer. For the writers, Marguerite Yourcenar and Alexandra David Neil. Also Le Verrier, who found the planet Neptune.

The following position of the Part of Fortune in house will help you summarize what had just been said in the analysis of its position in sign:
In house I, you are the only one who can help yourself and make sure you succeed. You will make it on your own and by developping the qualities of your Ascendant. With that position of the Part of Fortune, there is Emile Zola and Nasser, both Ascendant Sagittarius, Popes Paul VI (asc. Gemini) et PII (asc. Virgo), Marie Stuart (asc. Taurus), the astrologer Morin de Villefranche (asc. Aries), Auguste Renoir (asc. Aquarius), Patrick Dewaere (asc. Poissons) and the first test-tube baby Amandine (asc. Scorpio).

Part of fortune Conjunction Mercury
Your Part of Fortune conjunction Mercury
You may find success thanks to your intelligence and your ability to communicate. Luck may come from kids in your life in the area announced by the house where the Part of Fortune is.

Part of fortune Conjunction Mars
Your Part of Fortune conjunction Mars
You will get to fulfil yourself through action. Your job is a true vocation and brings you luck in the area announced by the house where the Part of Fortune is.
Birth chart of Brad Pitt (Aries reference)
we. 12/18/1963 @ 06h31
Shawnee, Oklahoma USA
latitude 35N20, longitude 096W58
Brad Pitt
Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius
Chart of Brad Pitt
BIRTH CHART of Brad Pitt wed., 12/18/1963 6h31
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